How I edit my photographs: instagram addition

I thought about doing this for awhile now.  I do have a background photography and so I know some stuff. 

edited photographs
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First let’s talk about how I organize them and the “aesthetic”

Aesthetic is an artist finger print of what they use throughout their work. I like bright, with dark shadows; I want blue, grey, and purple, sometimes green to pop in my photos. Sometimes orange/brown nature colours come out. EXAMPLE

Take the first set below; I used probably the same filter; but what I did was keep an eye of how each photo works together, going from the picture of the water to the brick wall with the words-both have dark shadows, blue hues. Then the sign picture to the bar picture, the signs orange reddish that transitions well with the bar and with the black contracts, then lighting does change  with bar being much brighter. So then the subject or object of each photo helps with the transition. Over the time my feed has changed, sometimes when your posting without planning things won’t look consistent and that is when I look for similarities. The second photo stock below is a good example of that. You can tell that my photos went from  bright to dark. The location changed, thus the lighting, object change with it. But between each one they worked together. I call my getting brighter picture my summer to winter season in photographs.

what I always do is use UnUm app to help with organising  photos.  I want to post and share, to help see where I want them. NOW i only do this for blogging! If I did this personal my head would be a nightmare.

image1Things to consider when you’re thinking about your instgram feed: 

  • Lightening
  • Try to stay away from really bright/dark photos
  • Subject/object
  • Have a “transition” photo-mine are usually black and white
  • Allow your instgram to change–those stock photos are over the year of my instgram but I kept the same “what I take and share”
  • Colour–I love colour–I’m really about blue, grey; even in summer.
  • Don’t think too hard about the astetic

What I take pictures of

I’m snap happy  and even though I was educated in photography I am not someone who is tedious–taking photos is just natural to me. I look at how the human eye sees it then i see how I see it. I take a picture of something 10 different ways. I take pictures of my feet. And my “need to be different” plays a lot in my instagram feed and staying true to who I am. I don’t want to take a picture from someone elses perspective, I want to take them  from my perspective. If I like how they did it I want to that picture myself, use it as inspiration. Allowing my ‘finger print’ in my creativity and photography to come out. Photograph is our own of how we see something a lot of the time.

But I do want my pictures to tell a story, even if it’s a picture of my coffee cup and sun glasses, my  advertising/marketing education comes into my mind for those things. Learning about rules of thirds, what you want the subject to be, human eye and understanding of what they are looking at.

Things to considers when taking a photograph:

  • Rules of Third
  • What your object is.
  • The question my professors ask me is “what do you want the picture to say”
  • Audience
  • Try different settings
  • Try manual
  • Learn about IOS and F stop
  • Don’t just take a photo from the “usual” perspective take it different angles

Camera’s used:

 Canon Sx600 HS

Canon EOS rebel T3

iPhone 6s

How I edit them 

Now to get to what people want to read about, editing. What I do when I edit is really what colours I really want to bring out and subject. Take these set  below , I used the same filter, I adjust them all the same way; yet there not the same; they work together that’s for sure.  The first photo at the top, of the building, the focus was on the building so I made sure that when I edited that wasn’t off; take the picture of my feet, with the lighting and shadows mixed together I edited so nothing was too dark or too bright. Working with the photo and focusing on the subject is key to editing photographs.


I use VSCO like everyone else; my top three are A5, and HB1 HB2. Lately, I’ll go on instagram and do like 25-40 on Aden filter but thats usually when trying to make different photos taken at different times to fit together. If the photo is dark I raise the brightness or vis versa. I raise contrast, do a little bit of saturation and decrees temperature to max of 1.0 to get more of a blue tone to my photos. I never go over 2.0 when adjusting each tool. I might do extra things like fade, skin, etc but usually not.

If I do a selfie I always whiten my eyes, teeth and sometimes hair-to make it look like my hair went grey. SECRET OUT! But I rarely do selfies on my blog instagram.

What to consider when editing photos

  • to make the photos not look so photoshop
  • REAL is key
  • Don’t edit to much
  • stay away from any filters that really change the colour of your skin

And that’s how I do it! I love taking pictures for a lot of reasons but the main one is so I don’t forget the places I’ve been and what happen behind the picture because when I look at them I not only see the place but I remember who was with me, what I was feeling, what happen before and after, the words that were said, and how I was feeling in that moment. I remember everything in that picture even the stuff that isn’t captured. 

Comment below and tell me your favourite filter to use. Also do you do something different when editing? What do you like to take pictures? do you even like taking pictures or just do it when your on holiday or birthday?