Style: How my style has changed over the years

Confidence comes with age. The things I wear now I would have never worn in high school or even three years ago. But that’s what happen’s when you get older, your style changes because you start to change, you start to develop more, and feel more of who you are with no fear. Here’s how my style story plus more…


Little old Tom Boy:

When I was little my mom dressed me and my sister with matching outfits a lot of the time for special days or holidays we went on. And my style was 100% 90s kid. I was Mary-Kate Olsen. I wore dressed but I didn’t care if I got them dirty. When I was 10 I asked for a a tool box and a hats. I have lots of hats because of this. I was the tom boy girl who still liked playing dress up. I had the candy necklaces. I had the odd clipps in my hair. And because I want to keep my pictures of younger me and memories personal here is pictures of Olsen twins because when I was younger I looked like them.

High School themed sweatshirts and pants:

My style was just trying to figure itself out in high school. I look back at picture of me in middle school and high school and just think how awkward I felt but how I wish I had a style. We would go school shopping but I would end up never wearing them–I wore sports gear or school themed clothing I got.  I’d take those quizzes on what my style is, just to help me figure it out, figure out what I liked. Who did I want to be; but everything I tried just didn’t feel like me or felt good in. I went through at lot of phases in high school; even did the whole black liner that a guy told me I shouldn’t cause I looked pretty without it. High school your suppose to be awkward, wearing yoga pants; not feeling good in your clothes. High school was the awkward years of clothes and style. I had no style.Today, not so much the case.


I began to hit a peak in college, taking chances, putting on make up, doing my hair. My freshmen year I really was like “no more high school” dressing. I had a friend for all four years who was such a style and on point girl; who really put confidence in myself. I was on the floor as she sat above me to curl my eyelashes for the very first time, she gave me my first lipliner. I had no clue what anything was or what to do; but I began to just experience.  I began to dress up to go to class. Wearing leather pants out to the bars. I also wore sweatshirts and my leopard print shorts with UGG boots saw more then one day. I began to adore shorts with tights. And my style began to grow as I began to feel more like myself. But I still wasn’t feeling good especially in jeans.

 Irish influence:

I definitely was influenced by the Irish while living there; I mean I NEVER put on tan or wore heels before I moved there. But I began to do it; and now my heels are high and putting on tan is human nature to me.  But I’m definitely more confidence in my clothes; and wearing clothes that I wore or bought years ago now I feel more good in them. I am wearing jeans. And I am also wearing clothes I never thought I would wear.  Like low cut shirts, nice pair of slacks.  Confidence does come and changes how you dress yourself for sure. I definitely think all those pictures I pinned wishing my style was like that is now happening; I don’t feel like I’m playing dress up or look foolish. I do still feel this odd phase of working woman having to dress “conservative” but I own a lot of crop tops. Getting dress for work is were my confidence is slowly decreasing because I don’t feel good in those clothes or feel like me.  But I began to buy things that are “adulting” but still me. And I want my style in any situation every day to work to dressing up stay who I am.


What is my style now?

After all those quizes and all those pins; years of trying to figure out what my style was-the answer was just as simple as I wear what I like to wear and what makes me feel good. Some days its a sweatshirt and leggings, other days its a total put together outfit. But….I think if I had to define my style it would be grunge, casual, boho. I like the textiles and prints of boho and I like the easy going of grunge, and I just love t-shirt and jeans; keeping it casual. Maybe one day the crop tops will stop; but they really haven’t they are just coming in different styles now.

My biggest tip to when buying clothes, don’t buy something cause its trend and everyone else is buying it. Buy it cause you want it. Or if you like it and everyone has it either get it in a different colour or wear it different. Get a different style of some trend. Style is an individual thing, own it.