The 1.0.1 on Make Up for the every day City Girl.

This is something I felt was missing from searching about Make up; this is 101 guide to make up…

I never been one for doing my make up growing up. But in the last three years and watching youtube channels I became more into it; I began to like it and find needing something to do. And in all the hype of make up, also with stores like Sephora or Boots can really get you spending money and overload on products you might not even use or work for you.   I’m not a make up expert but I feel like in my searches of make up, watch tutorials, swatches on my hand I still couldn’t find what I was looking for in my search. So I came up with this a break down to make up; tips, products and more. This a simple 101 guide to make up for the every day girl; some may know this stuff already so you can skip.

EDIT: note that this blog post ends where I didn’t think it would end. Because I am not a beauty experet, make up was something I just couldn’t talk about, there was no right adjective, it was something I just fell into and liked doing.

Break down to Make up: categories, types, and more

There are three categories to make up Face, Eyes, Lips.  The key to make up is don’t need much its just face, eyes, lips you can easily add in checks as well to give yourself colour.

If you are starting out with make up I say the one thing you should focus is on your face; because at 13 years old up until your 20s your biggest confidence and insecurey will be your face and those spots.  As you get older your going to have to add in probably more to your routine you will need that BB cream. For now buy yourself some bubble gum flavour lip balm .  Here is a little guide you can print or pin….

Break down to Make up

More to make up…

You start off with keeping make up simple but what if you want to go a little further in your make up and really don’t understand where to go. It’s time to make it a little bit more complicated. I went through things I didn’t know and googled and put the answers here:

  •  BB cream is like a foundation but less coverage; it evens out skin tones.
  • Tinted moizerizor is you know how they say to moizeriz your face–that but with colour in it.
  • What is Contouring exactly? its basically shaping your face. the only way to really look silly and avoid looking too clown or too bronzer is to blend and don’t layer them up (my opinion).
  • Highlighter is to bring light to your face. You really want something that fits your skin before the foundation.
  •  Bronzer makes you less of a ghost; like contouring your shaping your face but on the edges and check bones. Again don’t forget to blend and don’t layer up.
  • Powder products they are more dry baste to give you more of a mate finish (you won’t look like you are sweating)
  • When working with foundation think of it as a base and each product with a different purpose. There are contouring, highlighting, bronzer, and somehow they are different colours, texturs. And if your anything like me thinking what are these things and do I have to have them?

There are defiantly different types of people but I think in all of the hype, stores and world of make up go for things that you are liking, textur, fits your skin and really play around, I told you I’m not a beauty expert. Confuse in all the BB creams. foundations and highlighters the bottom line what make up do you actually need DEPENDS ON YOU! 

 I wanted to write this blog post to put a different voice out there, to talk about types of make up and break down make up because it can get confusing a lot of the time. Because a lot of time I’m confuse, and thinking about I was 14 years old at the beginning of 21 centry with no bloggers or youtubes like I would want a post like this. Telling me not what to buy, but the basic of make up. And I think I did that. I would LOVE to write about what I use but like I said in my EDIT make up is just something I do. This was my way of talking about make up and it’s not suppose to get “controversial” either its just a different voice to the mix of make up post.



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