My first Pride

On the bus back home from the most exciting day of all Sunday’s with my bestie, I mention how I should write a blog post about pride and she said I should. It’s not going to go into a ‘talk’ instead I am going to tell you about my experience. & sometimes that the best thing you can do.

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I never been to the Pride weekend events or saw the parade. My friends always went-I either was out of town or busy. So when I saw I wasn’t out of town or busy I had to go. I wanted to go and see it for myself, I wanted to be there to support. And experience what everyone talked about but you never really knew what it was like until you went.

Of course, I did my research, only taking a few woman’s studies that touched on LGBQT subjects, friends and hearing other people talk about it, I still want to be respectful. I didn’t want to be shocked than have my oh so expressive can’t hide it face be shocked. But I am 25 years old I know not to point and to be respectful. And I was told that MN pride festival is family friendly, just with more boobs and bums–which when there it felt normal, it felt right. More on this later.


My favorite part was the parade, it took awhile to start there was a protest (for black lives matter-respect). The people in the parade were still pretty entertaining. It allowed you to see more, get more out of it and even get up and dance with them (still standing on the side).  Who was there: EVERYONE it seemed!  Both our senators were, sadly only one party (to my knowledge, there were a lot of politicians there who I didn’t know). It is such an MN thing to be nice and with all that has been happening in MN and around the world (read the news) it’s nice to have that to know we are still MN nice and welcoming. All the different organisations, businesses, groups including religion and politics come to the parade. Showing their support that it is really about the people and who you are, not who they or anyone else wants you to be. I was sitting on the side having a ball, screaming sticker me, I fly DELTA, dancing along and just embracing it all. Years ago, I might not even think about going to the event like this or screaming out; I’d stay to myself. I was still was too scared to ask the cool girls with balloons on them for a picture or get a picture with Al Frankin.  But it still was enjoyable.

After the parade we went to the park were booths, shows and events were happening. We walked around the park, taking it all in. We were not going to any the events or doing any of the things, we were the go with the flow, let’s sit and watch this show, eat some mini doughnuts, chit chat, and walk around collecting stickers; people.

I am someone who likes to people watch, look around, and notice things; take in stories, learning, and wonder. And there was plenty of things to see that I’ve seen before or never seen in my life. But what I did see were people being who they are, not feeling uneasy or scared for who they are; because they knew this was a safe place so many others were doing the same that no one gave a shit! That’s what acceptance is. Sure some of it was a bit out there, but you looked shrugged it off and kept on cause they were being them–I loved that. I love that person shoes, their hair, the drag queen shows. I love how different everyone was, different groups from church to bikers to sex workers to recovering drug attics to gay men choir all in one place. This was what it was all about.  And I was so happy see all those people, all the colour around showing nothing but love.

I am straight I don’t know what it is like to be LGBTQ but I always try to understand, I am always welcoming. And here they were letting me into their community that was so colourful, wild, funny, glamours, and 100% love for who you are. Honestly, you had to be there. Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset