Being a girl is expensive

Warning periods are being talked about. 


You walk into a shop and head to that section. There are rows and rows of different brands, types, and orders. There is this overwhelming feeling and also a little embarrassing feeling because people that pass you know you have your period. Feeling unease you get to the register trying to act like you are just doing a pick up of things with shampoo, razors, body washes, some foundation causes your skin isn’t perfect.  Everything goes through and then the guy who too is trying to ignore that item he just scanned, he’ll probably wash his hands after, tells you $60.95.

Shit just hit the fan.

To live a life without fear, rejection, and safety we need to buy a few things; yet the price is too much! It shouldn’t be this complicated, I just want something to take care of it. nothing too fancy, nothing to let me play soccer; because no kind of tampon is going to make it “feel” any better, do you even know where those things are going? It won’t be nice. But there’s more to just buying a box of tampons.

We take Advil, that cost money, we buy a heating pad that cost money. We go to the doctor and they give us this hormone pill that cost money and feeling  shame for it. We are supposed to get over it, or worst when I’m not PMSing I’m still PMSing.  Or how about the fact that we are girls we have our bodies and blood is coming out of a place that when your 13 your like “Holy crap I am dying!” is not even considered as the important issue or even on the shelf or something to be covered. But, your penis pumps are. (Oh yes I said it Penis PUMP).We go through so much when on our periods. Not only the pain and trying to take care of it. But the worry of can you see? Let me double check in this mirrors. And sitting, I don’t know about you but I hate sitting!

Having our periods is more than what it means to be a woman. Or that it’s the beauty of mother nature. Cause it really isn’t that beautiful in my eyes.

For me having my period was always this annoying, I have it I’m going to tell you thing. When I walk into a shop to go buy some tampons and pads I honestly wave it around like I don’t care. When living in the village where word gets around faster than you can spell MISSISSIPPI. The woman who I knew would ask me if I wanted a brown bag; I would say no. For A. I have no shame. B. it’s my period. When I was younger I had to leave school early, because of “female issues” it’s not an excuse it is valid. Because sitting in ASL listening to the teacher ramble on and on while I’m there wishing I was in a ball on the floor. Thankful, I was able to go to the doctor and get the hormone pill (little blue pill aka birth control) for this pain inside me. But some aren’t as lucky.

There is no metaphor, period.

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Here we are dealing with our woman “issues” while others decided what we can and can not have for ourselves. Putting a price on our body and well-being is

the worst thing ever! Telling us that we aren’t covered yet this is our health, this is our well-being?!  Our bodies are dealing with a lot and not only does the pain hurt like hell, it’s one thing we treat like it doesn’t matter. When all we want is a safe, less pain and not going to break the bank, should be free from opinions and price tag for us to live our life with no worry of shame, BS, and our health. Being a girl shouldn’t be this expensive.