A City Girl Guide: Favourite walk in MPLS

It seems only write to start writing these city girl guides again about Minnesota since that is where I am living ATM. 

Refer to this map throughout:

MPLS map

First Stop St. Anthony West: We are starting this walk on the other side of the River in St. Anthony West. I call this “St. Anthony Side” but its St Anthony West, down from University Street area filled with college student housing. It’s a quiet area that is along the Mississippi River. It is pretty easy to get here, even by car. Parking can be a hassle some days but this side is the best side to park on. You want to begin more near Hennepin Island (look at the map) because we will end back over here for some food.

IMG_0423Walk Across the Stone Arch Bridge: This is my favorite spot, maybe cause in college my friend lived nearby and we would walk all the time or maybe cause it was easy to get to or maybe the fact I didn’t have to be in the city but still get those views. It’s a popular bridge with runners, bikers, and families. You get to see the damn, the cityscape.  Once you reach the other side there is a lot you can see like the Guthrie Theater which brings us to the next point of our destination. On the other side of the bridge is where the free parking lot is, head under the bridge to the very end there are only 10 spots, 2-hour parking but it is free!

Mill City Park and Guthrie Theater: Guthrie Theater has a lot of great plays on that I recommend looking and seeing about going to a show, but on this walk head up the escalator to the bridge where you get to see a view of the stone arch bridge. Pass the Guthrie Theater there is the Mill City Park, a great park to walk around, sit, read a book or go to Izzy Ice Cream (if the line isn’t too long). On the other side, heading back to the bridge you pass the Mill City Museum, a fun place where you get a history of the area. I recommend.

Walk the Streets: Head east down away from the Bridge. You’re going to walk in a more quite, neighborhood area but you want to get to the edge of the city center to Penny’s Cafe. A cute little cafe in a business building where you can sit in the window and watch people stuck in traffic.

Cross the Hennepin bridge: You going to head out of the coffee shop and to the more traffic friendly Hennepin bridge back over the water back to the St Anthony side. Here you will get a nice view of the river, it will be more hustle since cars can drive on here too.18422441_10155156166528463_2356481777854599859_o


Nicollet Island and more of St. Anthony: Nicollet Island is a small park with wedding venue and a hotel on it, walking on you’ll end up in a row of restaurants of St. Anthony. There all pretty great, I’ve eaten at Pracna on Main. This area has no shops only food, but it’s really nice in the summer. There is much, only places to eat, wedding venues, homes, and a segway tour. But it is worth walking through!

This walk can take up to two hours depending how long you spend in each spot, I mean if you don’t stop and walk it takes 15 minutes. This area is more of a walking area and on the way, you can stop for a coffee or a place to eat. But remember these are sit down places that will take up to an hour. I personally, walk either across the bridge then head to the park or walk along the St. Anthony side.


If you are going to take this walk, let me know I’d love to know 🙂 Also I am planning on doing a City Girl Guide of Minnesota every weekend starting NEXT weekend!