Travel shouldn’t be a Luxury.

Traveling should be raw, it should be hard, it should be a lot of waiting around, it should  losing your underwear in a hostel.

travelingluxuryWhen I hear that someone hasn’t even gone to Canada, I’m shocked, because traveling is something we can do. We can get to Canada just by a car. A lot of time it is about time and money. Which in all honesty you can make the time and you can save the money especially if you really want to go. Traveling is something you can do, but it is seen as a luxury and something that should be luxurious or at least look it. With Instagram sharing your holidays it needs to be #holidaygoals.  Traveling should be raw, it should be experiencing the culture, and after traveling you can’t wait to take a shower and sleep in your own bed.

It’s 100% NOT trying to get #holidaygoals

Public Transportation

I actually hate flying, if I don’t have to fly I won’t. And Flying has become almost over price, stressful and irritating.  Cheap flights mean you can’t have a check bag, small sets, not customer friendly. It’s become ridiculous. Having a check bag shouldn’t be a luxury it should be a right! But we do it because its the fastest way to get somewhere. But I say if I am not flying over an ocean I’ll take a road trip. I think the one thing that I miss is the ability to travel and feel relax . And maybe that’s why we need more public Transportation. wink wink 😉4a3c1-img_2710

I remember when I was in 6th grade and we went to England for the very first time.  We had family friends we were seeing while there and they lived outside of the city.  How we got there was we went by a train, maybe it was a subway since we did go undergrand but it wasn’t the tube. And I thought it was the coolest thing because how do we go somewhere we take a car. I was in love with how real riding public transportation was.

While I lived in Ireland and traveled around, not being 25 yet, the only way to get around was by public transportation. Never once did I feel unsafe, on the bus to Galway, or did I feel unsure about the trains in Italy or in Germany. Going the wrong way to get to Berlin and ended up who knows where with graffiti and guys using the shelter as their work out zone. Sitting at the train station in Bath because EVERYONE was doing it. While using public transpiration you got more out of it, reading a book, looking at the country side, seeing sheep!

Places to Stay

Stay in a hotel is cool; there is breakfast all the time, you feel important when you go to the front desk, usually they have a pool and you have a bed. But, now there is Airbnb, hostels, etc. Which can be fun and feel like a luxury. Reality check, if you don’t want to put out the cash you won’t get those “Instgramable places” (i hate myself) sometimes they  are going to be a bed in someones basement that they personally built the bathroom (I’ve seen a few especially when looking to travel state side) but you wont stay there! The best places I staid were the ones in someones extra bedroom in Bristol with the most friendliest woman who was taking me to the local pubs. It was the birds nest hostel with my best friend where I lost my underwear. It was the airport in Venice even though we hated ever minute of it. Those were the best places to stay because they were an experience, they were real. A story to tell, we learned something from it.


Don’t get me wrong I wont stay in the bed in the basement, I want something fun and homy. And to stay in a resort in Florida so fancy they bring you some pink drinks when sitting on a beach chair. It’s relaxing, you feel lucky, but its almost too comfort. Because even in the airports stay or the loud unfriendly hostel in Bristol they were the experience.


A year ago everyone was going to Thailand, it looked cool, but me being me I couldn’t go to Thailand because A. I didn’t know anything about Thailand. B everyone was going to Thailand. It honestly now feels like we choose the places for where everyone else is going.

Take the road less travled by

To travel is exciting because its an adventure, you get to go to these places that not a lot of people do go HOWEVER your going to the places people do go to. I see the same pictures of the same thing; or looks the same, taken the same way and its like I’ve seen it; do something different. Go to Thailand go to the moon part, go to the Leo movie spot, but also go do something that you haven’t seen, take the picture no one has. End up in the most random place. Hop on a bus and go somewhere–be smart of course.

Processed with Rookie

Traveling is everywhere its something we share, that’s not new.  But now, its almost too trendy, has to be on your tinder bio, and “how many places have you been”. And despite my tattoo on my arm WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TRAVELING-traveling tattoos. I wrote this post because I do wonder is it something you enjoy or is it a luxury for you (or something you pay to do).  Of course there are traveling holidays were its a relaxing holiday, now thats different. But traveling even for a relaxing holiday should not be trying to get #holidayhoals.

There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures, people always take pictures on holiday. Its not a new thing, but don’t you want those real wrote pictures, the ones were your tumb is in the corner? Remember traveling is doing something to experience outside the bubble of tourism and resorts. It should change who you are and how you see the world. Your experiencing different cultures, you’re seeing what they do and live; embrace that.  At the end of our adventure we should have so many smelling clothes, sand in our shoes, needing a shower, and memories. It should be raw, it should be hard, it should be a lot of waiting around, it should  losing your underwear in a hostel, it should be behind that photograph remembering what isn’t in the picture.