A City Girl Guide: Uptown places to hit and places to miss

I’ve been adventuring to uptown a lot to really find the best places to go. It’s probably the most popular place with 20 something kids.


Back in the day it was a thriving, local, cultural filled with hipsters. Now it’s still there but as I walked around I found myself more overwhelmed in traffic and college guys. Each street was fancy and buzy as the next, there was a lot of shops like H&M, Urban Outfitters, with Mac shop across the street to vintage shops and classic records stores next to a run down for sale building next to a sex book shop. Uptown is open to all but the classic things that really make a place either weren’t there or were being left to rotten over time. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of things in Uptown that are great and what bring people here, like the art fair this weekend (August __&_). Being able to live here, if can afford it, is perfect because everything is a walk away and a bus right to down town. There the lakes to walk around or run, even bike. Here are a few places you should hit up when in Uptown (and few things to pass on).

  • Stella’s Fish Cafe: It can be a little over price but you are getting sea food and there is no sea in Minnesota despite what people may think with all our lakes and referring it to as “beach”.  But there happy hour is pretty nice with 2 beers and the 2nd one for a dollar. Take a stop in, but get there early so you can get the happy hour and beat the crowd. Try out the roof top in the summer you’ll get a nice view of Uptown.


  • Libertine: across from Stella’s the happy hour is alright but the atmosphere and serves is pretty nice. We had a really friendly willing to chat with us waiter while we enjoyed our pints. What I really liked about this place was fact it had games, like yard games, beer pond, janga- I don’t know why you need games at a bar but perfect for those awkward first dates. I also loved the words they had around the place.
  • LynLake Brewery: Off Lyndale Street sits a place that every time I have gone to Uptown I ended up here. Which if you follow me or know me at all that SAYS a lot. I’ve try a lot of brewery’s in a SEA of Brewery in Minnesota and this is the only one were I got a drink and I actually liked it. Coming from 2 years of Ciders (which was not seen with an EYE ROLL) and good Heineken trying to find a good drink has been hard.  They have a roof top that really has good views, large tables so you have to sit with people you don’t know! And the servers are pretty friendly, which again I LOVE. So definitely check them out!lynlakebrewery.jpg
  • Up Down: an Arcade bar with a lot of old school games, pinball, and ske Ball. This place is super fun, but it doesn’t get packed there isn’t a lot of room to move around. And sometimes you have to really wait for a game to open, which might be awhile if the person isn’t willing to be like “okay we had 4 tries let’s give others a chance.” There really isn’t much place to sit, so you might end up in a game that you have no idea what your doing or the point-it could be fun! I say the best time to go is on a Saturday that’s the best deal with paying 5 for double the tokens and you never know you might have people handing you there extras before they leave!

What I’ve  walked the streets of Uptown and the neighborhoods I really avoid all the general chains and anything that is in a strip try to keep to the main streets like Lyndale and dig deep for the good places. One place I want to try is this pizza joint on Lyndale across from the VFW bar.  There is a really almost similar feel of San Fran to this place with restaurants in houses, which I liked a lot when I was in San Fran but here I don’t know there not calling to me. The only place that’s ice cream is Milkjam, which has the LONGEST Que! It’s a popular on instagram so no question why there it is popular. But is it worth it? Are they good to feed me personally? Or is it all for that shot? The question I ask myself, but I never once had the patients to even go in the line.  A lot of the places can be packed with people. And that’s the one thing I really don’t really enjoy much about uptown, there is something lost in how popular it’s become.

Over all, I wouldn’t say I’m packing up my bags to move in, if I could even afraid it, I think if you want a place that is going to give you a lot, that is well known and your visiting definitely come to Uptown, walk the lakes, hit up LynLake.

Next week we are talking about an area that doesn’t want to become Uptown at all.