Why you should be reading my words

Spilled Ink: the importance of words and using them as a blogger.

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As a blogger I want to inspire and drive girls who are going/went through similar  situations I went through.  To do that, I am writing more than about my outfit, favourite things, or my travel guides–there is nothing wrong with talking about those things-– I’m going to tell my story and experiences. And not only on here but on instagram. There is this worry of being so open and not writing what is typical blogger. But here’s the thing what I’m writing are things I need to write  & love to write. Writing long ass captions are going to happen, writing post that aren’t typical or popular are going to happen and if that means less traffic that’s okay. Before I go on let me tell you what happen.

I wrote an honest caption on Instagram dealing with depression and over coming it; someone comment on it referring to my abs. Now, it was a nice comment and all, but I didn’t quite see the point in comment about my abs when the caption was such BIGGER than my abs. I could go on about how girls are more than their bodies. But the problem was it wasn’t about my abs and I question if she even read my caption? What if it was short and said “sad my dog died” and then comment like that. IT happen again when writing about something personal and someone comment was not about what I said but the picture itself.  I began to wonder are people reading what I’m writing? 

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I get very upset, very frustrated–here me out. Besides being educated as a writer, writing has always been something important in my life.  I know blogging is something light and fluffy, it was built on fashion bloggers and trends turn into a way of marketing. But writing is more than Top 10s. Magazines are a good example of using writing of trends, fashion, soft-news and going further.

IMG_5552These days, there is this sudden lack of writing people actually do when it comes to blogging or in general (Thanks 124 characters and snapchat). People who say they’re bloggers but they have no blog. Bloggers who post a blog and all it has are pictures taken from other sites and links. Like come on! It is like what people say when they go to an Art museum and say “this is in an art museum I could do that!”    I am not trying to call out any other bloggers out! I’m calling out the lack of effort in writing, the lack of art, the fakeness that isn’t even being hidden. Blogging has become the ability to take a picture, putting together an outfit, and  cut and paste.

I don’t follow any blogs that do that, but I have seen some; and it’s just frustrating as a blogger, a writer  because these people are getting the attention? It is why books like 50 Shades of Grey is a best seller. OOPS. Writing is hard, it isn’t easy but don’t try to half ass it,  don’t  try to fast track your blog to get traffic or even put a post that all it is links.

You  don’t have to go write the next great American novel. And I’m not saying my words are so important, but I’m writing for a purpose. My goal with writing is to always to inspire, bring a different voice and perspective, and maybe even start a conversation. Which is why when I do any post, fashion, lifestyle, travel I try to go further. And it’s hard believe me trying to write that make up post I was trying so hard and I caved and went with 101 about make up. Wasn’t what I had planned but I also made it what I wanted young girls to know about make up then what they may see or feel. What I want is for you to read my words because sure it is long but they are important, it’s why I do this. It doesn’t even have to be right when I post, you can wait and read later. All I want is to have my words read and when I get comments that are about what I wrote it makes me feel great.

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Like I said, I’m not calling anyone out, I’m not trying to tell others what to do-I’m questioning where writing has gone and the importance of writing is in 2017 with social media, claims of fake news and blogging. I am all for visual blog post, like I love lookbook sites. I don’t hate on the emoji caption either. You know I like those real, sarcastic caption. IT can’t all be deeply meaningful, we have our fun too.  I’m honestly frustrated how writing has become such an unimportant thing for blogging.

Sue me but I got a master in Creative Writing so writing, words they’re important to me. Speaking of creative writing, I talked about how I wanted to get my fiction stuff out there, in print, so I started a project but I don’t know I lost motivation I’ve grown this sense of worry that my words, my fictional stories will never see the eyes of others. I do have a creative section on my blog and I want to use it up, but I also want to do things away from the “city Girl story blog” identity and become a writer. But fear rejection and assumptions, my stories are more important to me because I write from a whole different side of myself that I never share or show anyone. So, I’m going to try because I’m a writer and my words need to be read fiction, non-fiction ect.