Why you should be reading my words

Spilled Ink: the importance of words and using them as a blogger.

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No one reads blogs anymore that’s what people tell me. I mean who can read a Top 10 list that is one sentence long, because that’s what you have to do now to get people to read it has to be short and fast, no time for long paragraphs. But I miss those paragraphs, I want those paragraphs.

As a blogger I want to inspire and drive girls who are going/went through similar situations I went through.  I can write about how to make a summer dress into a fall dress, but I am not a fashion major. I have a masters in Creative writing. To be a blogger, to be a blog that people are going to read it feels like you need to be talking about fashion, travels and or your wedding, DYI’s, —there is nothing wrong with those topics –– I just do not have any say on them, they do not thrill me, writing that is easy for me. What I want to write, what I need to write are on the things I am passionate about, what matters, what effects girls every day, to give you more than a list, or some pretty pictures, or tell you about my week because it wasn’t that exciting-I need to write detailed stories about leopard print shoes or my tattoos that is filled with metaphors and inspiration!

I wrote an honest caption on Instagram dealing with depression and over coming it; someone comment on it referring to my abs. Now, it was a nice comment and all, but I didn’t quite see the point in comment about my abs when the caption was such BIGGER than my abs. I could go on about how girls are more than their bodies. The thing was I question if she even read my caption?  IT happen again when writing about something personal and someone comment was not about what I said but the picture itself.  I began to wonder are people reading what I’m writing? 

I check my status every day, where they are coming from, who’s viewing what and did they go a like that post, go read that post. And I will have to say no one seems to be reading and I am question why are they here? Because this blog isn’t about my day, or sharing my personal life.

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I get very upset, very frustrated–here me out. Besides being educated as a writer, writing has always been something important in my life.  I know blogging is something light and fluffy, it was built on fashion bloggers and trends turn into a way of marketing. But writing is more than Top 10s.

IMG_5552These days, there is this sudden lack of writing people actually do when it comes to blogging or in general (Thanks 124 characters and snapchat). People who say they’re bloggers but they have no blog. Bloggers who post a blog and all it has are pictures taken from other sites and links. Like come on! It is like when people go to an Art museum and say “this is in an art museum I could do that!”    I am not trying to call out any other bloggers out! I’m calling out the lack of effort in writing.

Don’t try to half-ass it, don’t try to fast track your blog to get traffic or even put a post that all it is links. WRITE! Tell a story. Give us more than your ootd of the day or top ten places to eat. 

Where writing has gone is down the drain, it does not matter about your ideas, if you were educated in writing or if you can write anymore. I am all for a visual blog post like I love lookbook sites. I don’t hate on the emoji caption either. You know I like those real, sarcastic caption. IT can’t all be deeply meaningful, we have our fun too.  I’m honestly frustrated how writing has become such an unimportant thing for blogging or in general. Like jobs they want writers but like if you do not have marketing skills than your out because they want that numbers-but like they probably only took one English class in all of college! If you are going to have a blog you should know how to write and write!

Sue me but I got a master in Creative Writing so writing, words they’re important to me.

You  don’t have to go write the next great American novel. And I’m not saying my words are so important that they should be winning a Prize. My goal with writing is to always to inspire, bring a different voice and perspective, and maybe even start a conversation. Which is why when I do any post, fashion, lifestyle, travel I try to go further and deeper, give you more than a lookbook but a story, something to think about.  What I want is for you to read my words because sure it is long but they are important, it’s why I do this. It doesn’t even have to be right when I post, you can wait and read later. All I want is to have my words read and when I get comments that are about what I wrote it makes me feel great.

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