Bad Dates Part 3: what not to say to guys.

A List of things you should not say or do when dating a guy:


  1. Don’t tell him you punch a boy in the balls in third grade
  2. Don’t show him the crazy side of you
  3. Don’t talk about what you’ve done, where you’ve done it and how many times you’ve done it (referring to anything really)
  4. Don’t tell him you believe in Women’s Rights
  5. Or that you’re a feminist
  6. Don’t tell him anything about you.
  7. Don’t tell him that the most controversial thing you ever wrote about was on your period.
    • “Hey…what is the most controversial thing you’ve ever blogged about?”“Probably about when I talk about my price of female products and my period”No answer
  8. Don’t show or let it show that you’re actually having a panic attack, just politely say you have to go
  9. Don’t give him your snapchat (this is more for you not for him)
  10. Don’t tell him you hate American Football
  11. Don’t go on a road trip, or out to dinner, don’t spend every Saturday or Friday because they may think you’re heading for marriage.
  12. Don’t tell or go on a rant about your worries in life
  13. Don’t tell him about your struggles
  14. Don’t get mad at him or punch him in the arm he doesn’t want to know how strong you really are.
  15. Don’t tell him about the things that irritate you like plaid shirts, large trucks and hat wearing out because he probably has all three
  16. Don’t ruin his jokes or pick up lines. Don’t even try to be sarcastic back to him- he either won’t get it or take your series or worst offensive. Cause for god sake you can’t joke!
  17. Don’s say whatever is in your mind, keep it in your mind, because once you say it he’ll realize your mind is insane!
  18. Don’t tell him not every girl wants a relationship
  19. Don’t question him.
  20. And don’t get to know each other-what are you thinking?

Obviously you should be doing what ever the hell you want, this was a joke list. When you’re going on a date, dating a guy; be yourself, if he doesn’t like it, can’t handle it, or gets mad at you for your honesty then that is not your issue.