What I am excited about the Minnesota State Fair

minnesota state fairThe reason I told people to come to Minnesota in the summer was not only because there is no snow but at the end of August we have our State Fair. The MN State Fair is probably the biggest event of the whole summer, the planning starts early. Think of the state fair as where you can get food on a stick, deep fried food, tons of free shit in bags, go to concerts, and see farm animals. There are a lot of people there, which can be overwhelming but it’s such a great people watching spot. And trust me you will get some interesting people. There are some rides for kids to go on.

The main thing I want to see are the farm animals, but you have to start early to see all the recently born chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, and ducks. If you get there early you avoid crowds. We hit all the main buildings; my favorite the environment building. There are a lot of random booths, where you get a lot of free shit that when you get home you will probably throw away.  There’s a building were you get to see Mrs. Minnesota face carved in butter, there is college building with all the Minnesota base colleges. There’s pubs that when I was younger we never hit but now we do. There is lots to do at the MN State fair, and everyone has there own thing. Mine are my usual food and the farm animals. 

The food we get is always a pickle on a stick, which was once in the food building but has moved to its own booth. Get a milkshake, but get it ONLY AT the cow barn because the milk is fresh. For a meal I use to stop at a greek booth but now that I don’t eat meat we’ll have to keep walking to see what I can find. Most people have a long list and know exactly what food they are going to try. We usually grab the discount book, do a little go through and whatever sounds good and we share it. Martha’s Cookies are always a must, if you get a bucket you will be bringing them home. But, to be honest they are not as good the next day.



The one reason I like to go to the fair, besides getting a pickle on a stick, is for the animals. I jump for joy as we walk down the street with cow and horse shit every where is the animals! I can not wait to get to the pig place to see the little ones, see the sheep, the cows, the horses.  It’s weird, it’s random, it’s the city girl in me but if you were ever in a car with me driving through Ireland you probably experiences my “SHEEEP!” moments.

“I’m such a girl.”11113206_10153444983768463_3970835565234745909_n

The Minnesota State Fair like I said is a the biggest event of the season and everyone has their own thing, their own lists of what to do and see. A lot of time it’s about the food, because there is a lot of food. But for me, besides the animals, I just like being there. Not the whole day, you really don’t have to be there the whole day, but maybe four hours. I’m excited to go this year and I will tell my friends this is why I came back as I eat my pickle on a stick.

I’d do anything for a pickle on a stick!