A list of empowering woman

Late but Saturday was women’s equality day, and this was a blog post to go along with it. 

09ea8fafbae9fa6f24e13f4dacdc43c8.jpgI’ve always loved history I liked learning about it in school, I liked going places and learning about their history and cultures. I thought it was interesting to learn about how things come together, what happens and the impact about it. I think history is important to know because then you can learn from it and understand.  And on August 24th we celebrated the 19th Amendment to the United States’ Constitution; which grants women the right to vote and the movement of women’s suffrage. This was an important landmark in women’s movement and history. The day was created to bringing awareness about the importance of gender equality in society.  Source Click HereHere.  I think it’s important to celebrate this day to remember what was, what could have been and what is now & what more needs and will be done.   I create a list of women of history, writers, fictional, actresses, bloggers, and personal that have empowered me someway or another.

Rosa Parks: the women who refused to move. When learning about history her story always struck a toil with me because she did something so normal to me but was such a big risk for her, at that time and changed history for ever. Her bravery was something I admire.572cb90c90939833a217d58317f0fa3d.jpg

Anne Frank: I am a big Anne Frank fan. I remember reading her diary in 6th grade for my reading class and just moved by it, I was reading such powerful words and story from such at the time I thought was fiction but as we read on and learned more was real. That moment my mind open and my heart broke. She was such a young girl who saw the world from a sky window, she had hope when there seemed to be nothing left.

Marilyn Monroe: A Hollywood icon. Her beauty was eyed by so many people but she wasn’t a size two, she embraced her sexuality and lust with no shame. I have always found myself relating to a lot of her quotes when growing up.314286dcd4e9e98f88d3c7766ab90d7e

Viola Davis: The characters she plays to her speech my whole body just gets chills by this woman. She’s out spoken with no fear. I love the characters she puts on screen for us. I love how she is aware of the world around us. There is something about Viola Davis that when she is on screen or taking the stage I am in ah.

Princess Leia: I remember watching Star Wars when I was younger and loved it, probably not as much as other people. But having Princess Leia on the screen really had to affect on me, that I didn’t realize until later when I got older and started realizing the hardship and degrading stuff women have to go through.  When she blasts the wall to go into the garbage while the men stood behind that was GREAT.

Wonder Women: After seeing the movie she is another character I am glad is on our screen.  Not only her care for others and wellness. But also the fact she is a woman, she’s in a “sexy” outfit but she is kicking ass.

Celia Rae Foote (the help): She is a character in the Help that when I watch this movie she is the one person I just love and adore. She’s an outcast who sure has a pretty face, but it isn’t the pretty face that gets her in trouble its the no fucks and her openness to the world and people around her. And she still strives on!

Mumu: Grandma for Finnish. Growing up and heading to Mumu’s farm I’ve gotten to hear and see what a strong independent woman was. The stories I heard, the stories she told me, the things she did; what she let me do she put sisu in me. Everything about my Mumu I want to keep close but just know she was the start of what feminist and independent looked like for me.

Mom: I never felt growing up I was different or unequal until I left the house until I entered the world. Having my mom around, talking to us, letting us play with Barbie and race cars. Allowing me to get dirty, allowing me to cry. And see herself, beat the norm, beat the ideas; not a stay home mom, she was a working mother and that was normal to me. And it still is. She didn’t put the ideas of society or world around us or on us, she built us up to break them like she does.

30bf73d4d5b6ee54fcf98ca502c0cee1What women has empowered or influenced you? What women do you admire? What women do you look up to? Character or real, let me know 🙂  There are a lot of women out there that I find daily!