First day of school outfits

 September has always been “school starts month” so here is my post on first day of school outfits you can try.

Let’s be honest that first day of school outfit especially if you are in high school or secondary school (no uniform) is the only time you will put an effort into your outfit because the rest of the year you will be in yoga pants these days girls were lulu lemon leggings, and your school sweatshirt . In college, I did put more of an effort in what I wore through out the day. But even in college, the first outfit was always the major one. So here are some outfits with looks I put together along with suggestions on what you can do with what you have in your closet.

I am such a T-shirt and jeans girl. And sometimes with the nerves meet excitement the best outfit for first day of school is a keep it cute but casual outfit that is just a T-shirt and jeans. 

For this post I decided to do something differently not only with content (if you’ve been following me on Insta or Twitter you would know that I’ve been driving that struggle bus for content for awhile). Content has been the one thing I struggle with because of location, time, and also getting what I want, what I see out of my head can be hard. There limitations on not have the right technology too. Like I see other blogs, one in particular, that I just inspire by and I don’t want to copy her but I want to take what she does and do that but in my own style and way. That make sense? I’ve said it so many times with blogging, but I have this big desire to change everything but I don’t have the money or know what I want to do–a really silly example is filters I want to change up my filters I have been using. I want to take different photographs but the location is wrong, its not write, its nothing different. There is this quote I saw which said if you can’t be better be different. So I’m trying. And doing this kind of content is the start.

If you want to bring a look,have a style or be known as the girl who wears that here are some more categorise looks. I put my own spin on them. And you can too! The key is to find bottoms, find a top that really fits that look you want and build it from there. You don’t need to buy yourself a “fashionable” item or a key piece. It doesn’t even have to meet the trends.  The key to a first day outfit is creating yourself as the trend to meet, be your own person.


And there are some ideas for your first day of school OTTD. If you are going to your first day of school either be high school, or college and are inspired or got ideas from this post please tag or #acitygirlstorySTYLE I’d love to see them!



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