Styling: Top 5 Sweater weather outfits

This autumn/winter season and the one item you will be wearing is a sweater. So I went through my closet pulled a few sweaters and came up with 5 different outfits to wear this autumn/winter. 


I don’t really know how to start these post, I’m trying to get better at writing more styling/fashion post but I never really know how. I don’t want to say three lines then link you to some products–I’m not getting any money off it and if I say I got this at BLAH I’m sure you can easily find it.  Words are powerful thing and having a blog I feel it’s kind of like I am wonder women saving the world (it isn’t really I know). But like I said I want to put a different voice out there, I want to tell other girls & boys that its okay not to be like everyone else. And even thought time over and over again its said your clothes are a way of expressing yourself, fashion has always been this rebellious thing–people are still dressing the same; because of trends, not wanting to be an outcase and now with social media. I have nothing agents trend pieces, I bought myself fluffy sliders.  So how am I going to writing these post, i mean are you going to read it? People don’t seem to read things anymore, no time, too much effort, does it grab your attention, so many distraction–are you still with me because I have reached 250 words.

5 styling sweaters


Sweaters are pretty easy, like t-shirt and jeans, a little bit nicery though. The key to pulling off sweaters though, I think, is always accessories.




How you going to rock your sweater this autumn/winter?