The way you looked at me in those tight Grease like jeans.

Creative thought piece plus lookbook feature black Jamie jeans from Topshop

Before I get to my Story lookbook I thought I say “hi it’s been awhile” since my last blog post which can read here. It’s been three weeks and all I have been doing is working and it was stressful so I stepped away from blogging.  I even deleted my Instagram for a few days and reloaded it just in time for one of my all time fav moments in blogging. I’ll keep that to myself 🖤 Every day I worked I felt overwhelmed, stresses and exhausted.  I also still felt the same with blogging as I last shared.  As I slowly returned to my blogging routine with a styling post to my Facebook page, that not going well and seeing my following numbers going down the fucks kind of went out the window (it took a bit). I like being creative wether its creating visual context, working on my Ipad, taking pictures, writing, putting words and pictures together, etc. That is something I like to do and its nice to have a place to put all the stuff I created rather then it to sit on my computer like nothing. I need a place to put my creative abilities to work while I’m figuring out life at 25!  So I’m coming back to blogging with a story lookbook, its nice to have a place to share it. 

Story lookbook TopShop Jamie Jeans.jpg<<
e boy bit his bottom lip, saying damn to her in those black jeans, skin tight. Giving her that look. The way a girl wanted to be look at. Kind makes you nervous, a little terrified but a whole lot of happy. A look to her like she was worth something to him. The one that reminded him how lucky he was to have her. The look he gave her in those jeans was all for her. She new he wouldn’t be able to resist.

Story lookbook a city girl story jamie jeans topshopNo one would. She put them on like a superhero cape, like Marilyn Moore put on lipstick, embracing herself. The confidence. Everything about her felt good in those jeans. She walk and see other boys giving her a look but it was never the right one. She roll her eyes because they gave her that look like she needed it. But she didn’t need it, she already had it. Somewhere out there were  hazel eyes that looked at her in those tight Grease like jeans.

That looked let her know that no matter what there was a boy out there who wanted her,broken or together she had it. Reminding her what who she was. Because the truth was she new what she could do in those jeans and thats all she needed.

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