My Favourite shop: H&M and their Holiday Deals

I’ve seen a lot of these kind of post of where people screen shot from companies and talk about their favourite things. I usually do similar on my FB page because really I don’t know what to say for those things but I thought I’d do something similar with a twist.  I’m not only going to share what I like, what their deals are for Black Friday but why I also like H&M.

Coming back a year ago in Ireland (if your new here I lived in Ireland for two years it really impacted and influenced me a lot)  I was having a hard time finding stores that had items I would wear or my style of clothes. I would go into shops and sure they had an item that I would by but it wasn’t me it either was to prepy, to badly made, or the colour was all wrong. One day I stubbled my way into H&M, now I’ve bought things in H&M but it was always like it was a good year for H&M or it wasn’t. I began to find items that I loved, that fit me, that were me and also brining the suffiscated, sexy look to my wardrobe. The best part H&M has really good values of where they make their clothes, being very environment friendly, and price. Suddenly my closet was filled with H&M.

I usually find myself in H&M a lot these days. There stuff is still trendy meets dressing for my age. Which is a struggle. You can honestly find the cutest things at H&M, but do note you wont find any ‘brands’ no levi jeans or anything this is ALL H&M own clothing. It’s also not a department store so you might not find a matching outfit, the store is laid out for you to create outfits a lot of the time. Which I love just going in and suddenly I got myself an outfit, or I got a few key pieces.

Here are a few things I love and Holiday Deals!

While living in Ireland black Friday wasn’t really as BIG as it was state side, I walked past Opera Lane and just saw a sign in the window BLACK FRIDAY sale. No one is rushing. To be honest, I think Black Friday and what people do, how they actually go to stores ON Thanksgiving is one big metaphor. But a sale is a sale and H&M is having a good one with up 60% off–you can get jackets usually 60 bucks for 15! That’s a deal!! Here are a few things that are on BLACK Friday along with a few things I just like. Oddly enough when looking over H&M doesn’t really have much pants for the Black Friday Deal…..

H&M and holiday deals Flounced Top Green
This is such a CUTE little top you can wear to work or out on the town. I love the colour it fits for the season but it comes in an off white as well!
H&M and holiday deals Jersey Dress
Little black dress. And in Jersey Fabric it’s COMFY! I liked how they styled it online over jeans with some heels (self reminder I need to find those businesses like pointed Barbie wore heels that fit my feet)
H&M and holiday deals Patterned Dress
I am not one for plaid think people wear it too much over here, but this little plaid dress is so cute and its black ❤
H&M and holiday deals Patterned Pants
I like pants that don’t go right to my foot, show a little skin but also gives room to like had a some socks.
H&M and holiday deals Viscose Dress
I wouldn’t be one to wear this dress I thought it was very cute. And there is a similar one like this in stores that is ON SALE for BLACK FRIDAY for 20!
H&M style and holiday deals sequence dress
New Years is coming up and saw a lot of girls in the beginning of Sep. wearing sequences and now they have one I’m sure this will be on SALE sometime soon!


It’s hard to find clothes that fit my style that I have developed into a mix of Irish influence and the grunge Tom boy, casual girl I always have been.  But I think H&M does that, it’s I shop I think has gotten out of the hit and miss part, it really needs work on its Marketing in store the signs are very confusing, take note when in there! Maybe its a translation issue? H&M is a Swedish company.


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