Black Friday Sale!

Such GREAT DEALS for this Holiday Season!

ebadbaa91e210b5d64c1c5fc314ec275-1Ever since moving back, I began to take note of how there a lot of advertisement and there seems to be an excuse for a SALE. Columbus day SALE, Mother’s day SALE. The joke I gave is Ireland has Bank Monday’s it’s an excuse to drink while State Side excuse to have a SALE. And the biggest sale of all is Black Friday. For so many years the Black Friday Sale would start on Thanksgiving. A day where you should be with your family but instead, you have people working and others participating. It’s our own fault we go, we buy thus companies, marketing will keep going. We are the consumer after all. I think that’s the only economic concept I took from my high school class.

Thanksgiving has become such a messy holiday with Black Friday Sales. I think this ruined Thanksgiving for me, for the fact people would rush from their dinners to go shopping, to buy the best deal on TV. I get it a really good deal, but like do I really have to spell it out for you?!?! I personally don’t think anything should be open on Thanksgiving even in the evening, maybe grocery stores but only for the morning. But it isn’t even Thanksgiving. Its how we are watching more ads then the show, how bloggers talk about sales, and we just keep spending. Or what about with social media with sponsorships. I have nothing against #ads, especially when you know they got to get their money somehow and you know the person would never like do something that they wouldn’t like–you would know if they were that kind of people (trust me).

But, it seems to be like every post (forget that everyone is standing on the street wearing clothes and calling them a fashion blogger), everything someone does is with something. And it feels like a lot of the time I’m in a world of advertisement and perfectly placed items with perfect words. Wonder why I couldn’t get the whole businesses side of my advertisement class or even want t take more than intro because MY GOD it’s so boring!! I turn on my TV there is an ad, I go on my computer put on youtube, Spotify MORE ADS, ADS, ADS, ADS. Like I said I get its good for the economy and such, I get things need to be paid for, people need to make money. but does it have to be this bad?

I realized I would never be able to go into advertisement because I would never be able to conform to what advertisements need to do to SELL. Kind of like how I will never be the definition of a blogger.


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