How to dress like yourself in a professional setting

Knowing who I am never was the problem. The problem has always been being who I am in a world that wants me to be someone I’m not. I definitely feel this when I have to go to work, wearing clothes that are professional but aren’t me. Like you go to work and you actually aren’t yourself. I don’t like khakis I don’t like how they feel, a lot of dress pants look weird on me, and blazers I feel like a kid with an oversize jacket pretending to be “mother”.  A lot of time I began to itch at myself, I just want to put on my clothes but I can’t because I’m in an adult job. But who says you can’t wear your clothes, your style to work?

So how do you dress for work but still be yourself? Here are a few looks I put together that I would wear to work.

How to dress like yourself in a professional setting style lookbook.jpg

Lets be honest trying to wear clothes as a women is hard. Have you seen the school rules girls have? I find it very hard when I walk into work and I get a look up and down with that eye thats telling you something is wrong with your outfit. It’s like my skirt is at finger tips and I am short. Also if you have an issue with what I am wearing, I think we have to look in the mirror. Am I right? But lets focus on trying not to feel like a kid playing dress up while going to work.

Above is a cozy, simple outfit. I like this outfit because the sweater isn’t too tight where when things are tight I am very itchy and that effects my focus. The skirt my mom made and I like the ruffs brings a little girly to my look. Leather sneakers for those days where my feet can’t do heels! And bun up because its better to have your hair in a bun out of your face!

How to dress like yourself in a professional setting outfit.jpg

Switching to a different top and some wedge heels that lace up. I like this because I’m still me in my bold jewellery, black clothes yet I’m still professional. The jacket I picked up in a shop three years ago off in Cork, its the shop next to Pennys if anyone is familiar. I liked that its a very nice jacket with leather=like lining around it but not your usual suit jacket. Like I said I can’t wear a suit jacket!

When I have to go to work and I have to wear more professional outfits and its a struggle; because I am such a T-shirt and Jeans girl, clothes can really bug me when I’m stress and nervous. So, I always go for a nice button up that’s not too tight, some black jeans or a skirt. You really can’t go wrong with dresses except I haven’t found a dress that feels like me but professional. The little black dress I’ve had since I was 17 so maybe that’s the problem.

Here are some looks I’ve pinned that I pinned under “grown up” board that I would consider wearing to work and are still “my style”:



Maybe this whole thing is a metaphor. Maybe this is me saying how people really got to stop looking at me like a child. Or maybe this is me telling myself I really shouldn’t have bought those patch jeans like I am some teenager in the 80s. What does it mean to be an adult? I don’t know, I thought it was when I could vote, then when I could drink, then it was after I graduate college, after I got a Masters, now when I get a big girl job, but like I stopped calling that and started to call it a career so maybe I’m an adult now? Anyone else feel like an adult yet? Or do you feel as awkward and weird in suits as much as I do?! Let me know!

“Life isn’t where I want it to be most definitely not and I never wanted my life to be stuck and determine by what I have to do so do what you love and fuck the rest. “

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