Lookbook: Holiday Dress

First Holiday post & to be honest I don’t know what to post or write. Because my goal isn’t to give you some pictures, three lines and some links; and I so don’t want my pictures to look like advertisement but stories to tell. So here we go…

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I saw this dress in H&M and thought Xmas right away. It’s the perfect dress & here is the story….

When she wake ups on the 25th of December the day feels more brighter and happier. The sun is brighter, the snow is whiter, the morning growns don’t exist. Everyone can’t wait to wake up on Xmas morning. There is a large sack under the tree, Santa has come even though he doesn’t really exist its nice to know he still comes every year. She spends her morning  in her PJs and eating cinnamon rolls. But soon she has to get ready for the festive day a head.

Holiday Dress H&M City Girl



She lays out this velvet green as the Garland on the stair rail dress. A perfect V neck, with a fitted waste and button cuff sleeves.A dress like this is perfect for the Holiday season.



She isn’t much of a dress kind of girl, but when she saw this dress in the store she saw herself in it. Wearing it out to Christmas dinner, through the snow the green would pop, make it a little wild with her leaper print boots. She’ll rock the christmas work party.  And to wear it on Xmas day she new she get a lot of compliments. She’ll smile  saying thank you I got it at H&M.

Holiday Lookbook Velvet Green Dress H&M.jpg

Trying to find that perfect Xmas dress can be hard, you don’t want to be too tacky, and do you want to have another year in your rain deer sweatshirt and bell socks. The best thing about this dress is can wear it even after christmas, wear a belt around the waste, grunge it up with a chocker,wear it out to a cocktail night, strapy heels. No matter what time of year it is or how you wear it you’ll feel like a powerful stylish woman especially if you hardly ever wear dresses.  What are you wearing this Holiday season? Don’t know I have a few more lookbooks to come for some inspiration!

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City Girl Story Holiday Lookbook H&M Velvet Green Dress.jpg