Holiday Bake off

The Cookie Bake Tradition and my favorite cookie to make

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Tradition. It’s what really matters to me. If I don’t get to make cookies with my mom and sister I would be very upset because that is the tradition! I would love to add more traditions to my life, like going to October Fest every year. But mostly I would love to bring more of my heritage traditions in. Fun Fact I’m not Irish at all I am half Finish (Finland).  I’m proud of being Finish I have the word sisu tattooed on my wrist. When I was younger I was obsessed with learning about Finland and trying to learn Finnish (REALLY HARD especially since I didn’t even speak English well).  During our tradition of making cookies for Xmas, one we would make, that was my favorite, was Finnish Cookies. It turned out that they weren’t actually the Finnish cookies, but I would forever call them Finnish cookies.

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Finnish chocklate chip cookie recipie a city girl story

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I won’t call them anything else because growing up they were that cooky which made me proud and happy. I was making something from where my great-grandparents came from. When I made them I was like “these are Finnish cookies and I am half Finnish!” I am still very proud of being Finnish, I want to incorporate more of Finnish traditions to the holiday season, I want to learn more about Finland, where my family came from especially since we were related to the 4th king or president (I’m basically royalty) but actually go there. I’ve been there before but I was 6 and all I can remember is the sand box, learning the ride a bike, and my land rock.

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What are some of your Holiday traditions or heritage traditions you want to bring into your Holiday?!