12 Pubs: a christmas tradition

but it actually was 6 breweries. Here is where we went and how it compared to 12 Pubs in Ireland.

a city girl 12 pubs tradition.jpg

I remember my first time doing 12 pubs with all my Irish Friends in Kinsale.  I had no clue what to expect or if I was going to make it. since the rule was 12 pubs and you had to have a drink at each. Of course, it was one of the best nights ever where I got to meet some more great people, have some great memories and laughs with the best. I love having those experience. And thus this year I wanted to do it.

We had to drive to each, something you really don’t have to do in Ireland there is a pub next to a pub next to a pub. There was only 4 of us, which was nice because when there was  A LOT of us, it was fun but it was hard to keep everyone together, we lose people and also to talk to everyone. But I did find when we were out, there were others out with there friends maybe not doing “12 pubs” but they had there X mas jumpers on. What I found interesting going out State side is people aren’t willing to mingle,and intwine outside there own group. I guess that shows how friendly it really is here.

Where we went:

Since we did go to mostly Breweries the drinks were very unique, like I said before Minnesota is a sea of Breweries.  Its hard to find a good pint, everything has some fancy name, with some fancy thing in it like peanut butter.

socialable ciders.jpgWe started at Sociable ciders, I love cider I am a big cider drinker, but when there I went for a hoppy beer (hoppy was its name off what it was made out of). This place is small, and for middle of winter you wont want to go outside. So we ended up standing chit chatting.

The 2nd brewer was the 612, me and my friend choose flight four different beers, again unique after the next. I wont rate or tell you my thoughts about the beer because I am not an expert I am pretty plan I just want a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles and thats just like what I want with my pints-I just want a pint. I actually liked this place, it had a lot of tables, the bar staff was really friendly and it was in a easy going location.



We just headed down the street to Bauhaus brewery a bigger joint, the last time I was there it was very loud and the DJ had no clue what he was doing. We found a table, and I even met an Irish girl! I know in all the places!

The fourth place was one of our usual brewers  HeadFlyers. Where we sat by the fire chit chatting and enjoying ourselves.



The last two were bars, the 1029 a local one with a really nice bouncer because that is what I do I make friends with the staff, and bras on the ceiling. We left because we had to get into 6, I honestly can’t remember the 6th one—6 pubs a drink at each what do you expect. But I remember it being quite, easy going, very mood lighting and right in the centre of NE, very easy to get to.

It was a good night, super fun, but lets face it there is nothing like a true 12 pubs experience in Ireland.