What I got for Christmas

I decided to share what I got for christmas.

what i got for christmas a city girl story.jpg

I find writing this one hard to write, because A. I don’t know what to say-if you have followed me for a while you know I like to write more than a couple lines and want to give you guys more to what I am talking about.  B. I don’t want to seem like I am gloating.  There is a joke around our house for me wanting to open gifts ASAP, but honestly I am just really excited to see what others get, what they think of what I got them, and for the whole day!

So what did I get?

Two major things for my iPad  a pen and a key board because I plan to do more work on my iPad and carry that around vs my laptop. I got books– the new Milk and Honey second book, a fiction book called Moxie–I been looking for a fiction book with a strong female character and when I read the blur for this book I new I found my book!

Moxie and movies what i got for christmas.jpgI got two movies, Wonder Woman and Hidden Figures. I got my first lush box with Plum Rain shower gel, rub rub rub body scrub and dream cream body lotion. All which smell amazing! Every time I go in there I feel overwhelmed don’t know what to get and leave. So this was a very nice gift!  I got some socks, I got scratch off which I won 5 bucks! I got a sweater and some thick leggings for our cold winters. And some other bits like gold earrings and a liquid lipstick. The more I get older the more I want more useful things, less stuff and more lasting things like an address book!

a city girl story what i got for christmas post.jpg

That’s pretty much it!

Hope you all had a lovely day filled with joy and love; if it was just another Monday hope it was still filled with love and excitement.  Now the count down begins to the NEW Year, and I don’t know about you but I’m getting prepped for 2018 to be kick ass!