2017 Thoughts and New Years Goals (2018)

2017 has been pretty damn shitty if you ask me.

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Let’s start off with the fact that woman have been in one big battle this year, mother nature has been roaring with fires and storms. Animals and peoples well-being have been in danger. And for me, my anxiety has been at its highest this year & that isn’t good for my health over all.  In a lot of updated blog post I had confuse the hardship of being back, the struggles I face in the ‘real world’, and feel completely out of place here and struggling with blogging.  Putting my story, life, ideas, views to a comment section just scars the living shit out of me. But also why I do it. I write because these things need to come out. Blogging has been only place this year where I can write, tell stories, be creative. And where I can make an impact, tell young girls and 20 something ladies they matter, there not alone! If you want to read about my blogging goals for 2018 its here.

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My biggest fear and push for the next year is that I don’t want another year like 2017. This whole year has been one big anxiety and frustration that has brought back me binge watching TV all day on the coach.  And feeling like I need to do things vs what I want to do.  I wasn’t the same girl I became, she was lost but I want her back in 2018.  How to get her back? Well I have a few things in mind.

I have exciting things planned and some goals this year

I have never been one with high hopes or expectations. I’m very logical and realistic about things. I don’t believe it until I see it. Which can be a good thing but it also be a very downer for yourself. This time I see that there are better and brighter things a head. Determine-hopeful, lets say.

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I read a recent blog post by one of my favourites, Hannah Witten, talking about her 5 year plan of what she like to accomplish in those 5 years. Which gave me an idea for what I’m doing for this year.  Having a plan gives you something to reach, priorities and to focus on the “now” .  To me this is what I need. Because this year I had a lot of days free to do nothing or if my days were filled they were doing the same thing and I could feel myself not accomplishing anything, bored basically. I did try to set “due” dates for thing, but that seem to never work, something would come up, or I wouldn’t protist it over other things. 2018 thats going to change.




I made a list of a few things I would like to do in this year:

  • I would like to finish a story
  • Start a Podcast
  • Read more
  • Become more educated with camera and numbers
  • Make a name for A City Girl Story

Like Hannah Witten pointed out- I’m not married to this plan, if they don’t happen they don’t happen.  But I do feel like 5 things, all different sizes, will give my days a little more exciting and less binge watching TV.  I want more days enjoying life, learning, and furthering myself to my bigger goals. “Write a novel” in this year was written down , but thats more of my ‘by 30 plan’.  I’m looking forward to having something to work towards. When sitting at my desk trying to figure out what to do I can look at this list and do one of those things.

new years 2018 city girl story in H&M jacket

2017 was alright but 2018 is going to be our year full of excitement and adventure! 

I feel like I had so many moments this year where I felt like yes I am going to do it, she’s back but I lost it in a snap. Now not so much, I feel myself more determine, sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me, my ADHD kicks in and I can’t focus at all or sit down to write; but I put on the headphones and I get set. I think it helps that I bought myself a cool planner, some office stuff like a nice pad of paper for my To Do list, and some pens. Nothing like new office supplies to get you excited and determine for the new year!

She’s coming back in 2018, get ready world–you’re going to have to be ready this time!!

a city girl story lookbook 2018 new years.jpgSo we leave 2017 a year that will go into the books, a lot of history things have happen that in years time kids will read them and probably go “haven’t I read this before?”  But one thing is for sure is people aren’t sitting anymore, woman are rising up, and change is in the air.  Personally 2017 was shite, boring and nothing really changed-and felt stuck- and I don’t want to be where I am today in a year. So I’m going to make things happen, fight through my anxiety and stress a lot less! The most important thing I can do this year is take care of myself-do self care! This year besides my goals, my determination a head, I’m going to take care of me. Not like that quote about when you are in your 20s be selfish- I’ve done that- it’s time to take care of myself . I’m going to be selfish in taking care of me and I plan to bring this journey of self care to A City Girl story! Don’t worry we aren’t going to be all Yogi and start eating green juices.

2018 is already looking up with a adventure plan in February and a few concerts!  And for A City Girl Story we are starting off the year with so much in the works, with more travel post, Bad Dates seres and talking more about things that affect young girls and 20 something ladies, lookbooks with a twist! Name a few. So come back  in 2018 we are going to kick some axx

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