You don’t become Queen over night

Talking about the fails of resolutions and going easy on yourself.

Did you set resolutions this year? How’s that going? Are you feeling disappointed with fact that it isn’t happening?  You see it all over social media, every year after the new year, those post of “starting off the new year right” there usually in the gym, while you are on the coach. Have you failed your the new year already, no you haven’t.

44623ae09f72715e0c2a93d02cf37ab9.jpgIt is the end of the first week of the new year and I already feel like I have failed my goals. It felt like a lot like 2017 but I was writing 2018 for the date. I did have more of a better attitude and I was determine. But something happen, I hit a wall of “I don’t know what to do”.  I made a goal for blogging-to reach 1,000 followers by my birthday month. So I started the year with what I felt was going to be the big shaboom! I thought this one picture was going to be it. I did the research, found all the right hashtags because that is how to get notice on instagram–and the shaboom didn’t happen. And I became at a lost.

I know nothing happens over night, I’m not stupid. Yet I didn’t know what else to do, I spent a day thinking, making polls, talking to my friends and mom who I new were going to listen to me. And mom said something to me: “should focus more on my writing and less on my blog–to post once a month.” My focus and attention needed to change on what really matters.


Instagram you are going to see a lot less of me and more of my writing.

I created Instagram for a way for people to know about my blog, to connect with readers and other bloggers and to grow a city girl story. And it has happen, but the growing part is a little more complicated with Instagram (and we all know why). As I thought about what I should do, what is my ‘plan’ for blogging- I developed a blogging crises!

Setting those resolutions for the new year, setting goals for the year a head- are good to have. It gets you something to strive for, but don’t  beat yourself up over it. That’s what I did. But than I had to remind myself that you don’t become queen over night and maybe that focus of the year does need to change.  That what we expect to get done in three weeks might take four weeks. That you can’t actual afford going to the gym, but you can watch youtube videos from home. Sometimes you set yourself a goal or resolution and it isn’t the right one. I spend so much of my time organising what instagram post I’m going to share, looking up hashtags that, trying to figure out what to do to gain more following and more traffic to my blog. That this wasn’t the path I want to be on.

I realised that my  attention for 2018 shouldn’t be trying to reach a number on Instagram but on my writing and my site. All I want is people to read what I wrote, and where that is, is on the site. I’m not quitting on Instagram, I just don’t think it deserves all the attention I give it. I still say if I reach 1,000 followers by my birthday would be an achievement because that means it’ totally okay to be 100% yourself on a platform that only shows the flawless. But the the goal for 2018 is to grow a city girl site and the voice of city girl story.  And to reach that goal the focus should be on writing and the site, not on getting that shot for Instagram or the right hashtags.

If you are anything like me and are very impatient, you probably could easily get very frustrated and annoyed by the fact that what you wanted to achieve isn’t happening. Things do take time, they take effort but don’t burn yourself out. Go easy on yourself, take your time, it takes 30 days to break and create a habit.  And you have 365 days a head of you, don’t think because you didn’t get something by the end of the month, your still good. You don’t become Queen over night.