Why I am going to go cruelty free

I never made a post or even a status when I decided not to eat meat anymore so why did I decide to write this? read to find out why…


Make up is something I am newly obsessed over. I wouldn’t call myself a beauty blogger because I don’t know much, I like what I like, I can’t do eye shadow and if you want me do your make up I can’t. I got into it from living in Ireland where make up, self tanning, 6 inch shoes is a must have. It’s always been there since the first time I went, back in 2013. And now with things like youtube, instagram, and even blogging (but that has always been around) make up is at its highest. Girls  today who are 14 look like they are 20 with there contouring and perfect eyebrows-when I was 14 I was over plucking my eyebrows and outline my eyes in black eye pencil. Something this big there could be so much more impact and change that could make a big change-that change is going cruelty free. 

What does crulety free mean? If don’t know means companies who make, distribute, brands will not test, experimental, on animals.

This has been one of those things that you really don’t think much about, you think circle of life, maybe? But like animals being used for our own needs isn’t circle of life at all. I don’t know much about the damage and danger of testing on animals–this is something I will research on–but for me I have a pretty wild imagination that I can only imagin.  All I can think of is those cute little fuzzy anmals that don’t and did nothing to be in cages, in stuffed homes, untaken care of, to be valuated. That my personal moral self could not spend money on that. I didn’t want to pertipate or endorce that.

So I am not throwing out products I already have–that is just wastful- but this year I am taking on the challnege of going crelty free and I am going to blog about it. Many different things, from finding the best drug free foundation–it’s already been a challenge, to has my skin change much? Have I saved money? And so much more.

Have you gone cruelty free? Let me know either in comments or on instagram of your favourite brands. If have not, will you?