Anxiety and 5 steps to help

Everyone has different kinds of anxiety, this is mine. I get stressed, overwhelmed, and my thoughts go all over the place so I can’t sit still and when it’s really bad I have a panic attack. I can’t handle outside voices; I just need to be with myself for a minute or longer. Sometimes my anxiety causes me to be so worried that I have to stand outside my car and pull the handle 10 times before I can walk away. It’s not OCD; it’s anxiety. This past year I feel like my anxiety gotten a whole lot worst, it use to be just taking a test, having to make a phone call, now not so much. 

I have recognised my anxiety and have learned ways to accommodate my anxious feelings. I’ve noticed the little signals, like grinding my teeth, a twitch of the eye, that deep lump in my stomach, that I know it’s coming. And I quickly switch on my defence system  to guard against it, but sometimes that is not enough. My anxiety hasn’t really stopped me from doing things, like I still go to events, I still go into Malls, I still going to the movie theater-but my anxiety is there.

If you are dealing with anxiety and just want to know you’re not the only one or need some guide to what you can do when your anxiety comes here are five suggestions. These are what I do or have been told to do to help ease my anxiety.


  1. Go outside and take a walk. I am the type of person who thrives and loves to be around people. But, when I am feeling stressed walking, getting away from what’s closing in on you and taking a break is really important. I haven’t done this step in a really long time, I mean it’s cold outside and there really is no place to walk to. Before I’d walk on the beach, or take a walk to the park. Over the summer I walk over to the park and swing on the swings, yes I’m 25 but like it helped until someone looked at me and suddenly the anxiety hits again. For me, I can get overwhelmed in crowds or in public, especially when I am on my own, so when I am by myself walking I have found blasting music in my ear helps drain out the sounds around me.
  2. Exercising. You hear it all the time to exercise, to get physically fit. But, a lot of time exercising isn’t to get those 6-pack abs, or shapely legs, or even a peachy bum; it’s really for your mental health.  I find if I don’t work out every day from a 5-minute lazy work out to an intense gym session my days begin to really eat at me, which can cause my anxiety to surface. Therefore, exercising more often really helps get that energy out and help stop the anxiety from developing.
  3. Talk to friends and family. Talking to people you are close to or hang out with them regularly helps you be honest with yourself, and not make you feel embarrassed or weird about having what I and my friends who also deal with anxiety call our time.  When you are honest with your friends you will not feel you need to apologize for going A-wall for a couple days. Or if you need to get it out and blow up your friend’s phone with endless text messages that sound so CRAZY, they won’t think you’re CRAZY, they’ll be there. They’ll get it. Friends and close family are the best for those times when you can’t handle your anxiety on your.
  4. Talk to a professional. This one is something that I’m working towards doing, but I know a lot of people who are dealing with anxiety who talk to a therapist and how it really does help. It’s all about finding the right person to talk to. Finding someone who can listen and determine the best method or accommodations to help you with your anxiety. And you want someone you feel comfortable with. You may feel embarrassed or think you don’t need to talk to someone, you are fine. They are professionals and educated on things like anxiety so it is their job to help you. Talking to a therapist helps you manage your mind better- I am actually on this step myself and I feel like I’m making a move to a change! 
  5. Do something about what’s causing your anxiety.   The only way to ease the anxiety is to do something about it. Sometimes it harder to do it for some things. For me, I create a to-do list, organised my planner into a schedule and I headed to the library. And if I was having trouble getting through my to-do list and the anxiety was still there I would do number 1-3.  

Learning the best way to manage your anxiety and what to do when you’re in a situation or unable to do something because of your anxiety is the best way to understand who you are.  Accepting my anxiety, being honest with myself and with others has given me great confidence in myself. Remember you are human and mental health is a big part of the definition of being human.

If you like a anxiety story vs. an advise one I have a story about traveling with anxiety I’d happy share…I mean if you don’t I like the idea so I’ll probably do it anyways because that sounds super fun and might be helpful.

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