The trend you need to be following this year

Okay so I’m not going to be talking about a fashion trend, did a click bate? unless you keep reading than maybe I did, but really the title is more a metaphor. Read more…

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A year ago women, men, children, people, came together with their differences to march at the  women’s march. Again this year there are many events happening around the States and around the world to do it all again, and I have to work. But I went last year. I marched because I never was taught I couldn’t do anything because I was a girl I was always told I could do anything, little did I know the outside didn’t feel the same.

Going to the march on the 21 January 2017 was empowerment. When you are around, hear, so much hate and such loud opinions you kind of are filled with no hope and that’s what I felt up to the weeks before the march. BUT the minute I saw all the people walking there and when I jumped out my car to join them. I started to sing the girl scout song in my head “every where you go people want to know….”  I could go on about the march, but I wrote a blog post about it. The one thing that march did was fill me up, with hope, support and knowing things were going to change and progress forward for woman, for children, for diversity, for so many people.Women stood up and this year it seems we are going further. But something else happen.

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The loud opinions got louder, and woman support woman became harder, and people began fighting each other (mostly on twitter-how I am really hating twitter), people where still putting their opinions on others. Thinking of how woman & men wore black during the  Golden Globes and they were called out for being silent movement–it sure didn’t look silent. And your kind of like where did the solidarity, the understandment go, you’re in this fight too?

I was excited for what the Women’s March showed and the movement it brought! Seeing hashtags being used that were for supporting woman, the feminist T-shirt I saw in stores like H&M and Zara was a good thing. However, when I asked the girl if she was part of “girl gang” from what it said on the back of the hat, she answer “i guess, I thought it was cute.” I new we weren’t and that this woman movement was turing into something that it shouldn’t be…trending.

I’ve talked about this before but I’ll say it again.

Women empowerment is trending but it can’t be this trendy thing. You can’t just wear a T shirt saying girl gang  because it’s cute, you can’t hashtag girl power if you don’t actually do what it means. We need you to stand up, speak up, to like and retweet, donate, show up with us. The big things only happen when we start making little moves. I do believe that you don’t have to say something online to make it true because I think our action speak louder too.  Sometimes a “like” is good enough, because it means you support, you see and hear. Because sometimes someone can’t say it but they can like it, and that says something too.

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I felt frustrated and disappointed by the ‘backlash’, dead air, loud opinions and the unsupported from other woman that I need the women’s march to happen and I need to be there (if only I wasn’t working). Because I’m losing hope, I’m losing that solidarity, that togetherness.

I talk more about this in a blog post I will share later this year, but I get very disheartening and hurt by the backlash women get on speaking up or standing up on something; especially when that backlash is from other women. I thought we were pass this. Women should be support each other, no matter if you agree or disagree on something, we are in this together.  My favourite saying is you don’t have to like it but you sure in hell have to respect it.

You kind of lose hope. But, than I see a little girl holding up a sign with “little girls with dreams become women with visions” I hear a kind story on the news, I hear a nice comment be given and there it is hope again! And than this years woman’s march happen- and it happen again I was filled! Speech’s like Halsey, strangers coming in one place, signs holding high, kids there, women there. It felt magical!

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I was listening to NPR as I wrote this of how woman who went to these March’s and what they doing now-all different- but they all were affected. One woman who has kids, works, she can’t always be in the movement, in the fight but she has a tattoo “nevertheless she persisted” as a reminder-that’s a good reminder.

I guess we really got to be paying attention, listening and most importantly having each others back. Like how we are in the bathroom, we should be like that everywhere else. If we do that, than woman are going to be hitting more than home runs, we are playing the whole damn field!

Again, I love see Women’s March 2018 happen and I hope to be there again in 2019!