A City Girl Guide: How to do Killarney without the touristy stuff.

I was digging through my travel photos for my travel instagram where I share my feet pictures along with my travel photographs. Follow it here.  And I found a bunch of pictures that of this day trip I went on last year and never shared.  

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Killarney is one of the top tourist stops in Ireland. I don’t think I ever met someone who has been to Irelandand has not said they hadn’t been to Killarney. It is a place filled with touristy things, with the variety of different tours, the starting point of the Ring of Kerry, buggies to take you around the town. But why not take a different approach to Killarney, go off the beating path and experience it without all the tourist stuff, mingle with the locals, walk the park, stop in the local pub and have a pint or two. The best way to do any place, I say!

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Getting there and what to do

It’s pretty easy to get to Killarney from Cork; you have train, bus, car, For my day trip I took the train which was an hour and 17 minutes trip by train.  I booked myself a ticket to Killarney the day before and woke up super early to catch the earliest but not too earliest train. There are tons of outdoor things to do in Killarney, there is even an outlet mall (shopping center), tons of pubs to go to. There is a national park that you can walk through, can even climb the highest point in Ireland if you want to. There is a lot to do. For this trip, I was only there a day and needed to catch the last train at 7 so there was no climbing the highest point for me that day (next time)

I Walked the Park and got a little lost

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I have gone to Killarney a few times. But in my memories, I had it in my mind that I knew exactly where everything was and it wasn’t that far to walk to the national park. Little did I know I found myself on the main drag that takes you right to the entrance of the park and into the start of the Ring of Kerry–very long and not very exciting. I mean the view was great seeing the hills in the distance, listening to my music I couldn’t really complain. I even found this little spot near some water to take some cool unseen photos. As I was down there I was met with some–would you say ruff man drunk on their asses probably. Don’t worry mom, they didn’t come near me. I was very smart in ignoring them and walking away. After that, I realized where I was heading to was too far so I turned around.A City Girl Guide Killarney views.jpg

Little miss haps are quite alright especially when you don’t have a plan and you think in your mind you know exactly where you are going. I ended up turning left at the light before the town and heading down a road that would take me into more closer area of the park.  There were tons of buggies passing me, those are very popular for tourist to get–but like I said this was a none tourist experience of Killarney–no ring of Kerry, no typical tourist things-just me walking around and seeing where I end up! I turned on this dirt road that according to my phone would take me on a path into the park. IT did! And I knew exactly where I was (finally). I explored park until my friend could meet up.  I found myself enjoying the sun, climbing on rocks and laying around on the grass–I loved every minute of it!

A City Girl Guide Killarney park.jpgPlaces to eat, drink, and to have a night out (if you’re staying overnight)

There PUBS everywhere just walk on in and find a set! We walked into Courtney’s Bar. I’ve eaten at Murphy’s bar. I ate at the one restaurant that the man was super nice, we had to come back and when did, he was like “have the table all set for you.” I thought that was sweet.  The place is Cronins Restaurant, small but the owners are LOVELY. I mean where in Ireland haven’t the staff or owners be lovely?!? If you want a night out there a few clubs the one I went into once was Killarney Grand Hotel and McSoreys.

If you’re Staying overnight

The hostel I stay at B&B’s but I also had a few nights in Hostel right in town. It was the handy place and the people were very helpful! There are plenty of places you can stay in Killarney, trust me!

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