How Social Media ruined everything

Social media has ruined so much and has made such a change of how we see ourselves, take in information, and actually communicate. Don’t get my wrong social media is great an all but it has put an actual ‘like’ on who you are and if someone doesn’t like it they will write 124 characters or less letting you know.

Before we get in how social media ruins everything I want to say yes I use social media however lately there has been such negative impact, people using words like “instgramable” I kind of cringe.

Missing those long paragraph conversations.

It seems with social media conversation has died. Really, it has, not only in dating, but in friendships, relationships; it makes those things harder and lose something.  People’s idea of asking for a girl’s number is now do you have snapchat. Snapchat even added a way to message via text instead of video. But the catch is that it will vanish. Snapchat seems to be the only way to communicate with people. You can’t have a real conversation for 10 seconds and snapping weird puppy selfies.

The best people are the one’s who you talk to. When having endless conversation, maybe sometimes deep, maybe sometimes pointless, you really form a connection, a relationship.  You really get to know the person. You can’t know the person or feel like you have a relationship when all you do is snap back and forth. Imagine if you actually talk to the person. Oh the conversation, the relationship you would have with that person.

A real conversation is such a rare thing!

Stay in school kids

It’s obvious social media is a place where you can get news. I got twitter in the first place after my college got ride of the news papers and I needed some place to read the news.  Suddenly reliable sources, and truth have gone out the window.  Twitter is not the place to get your information especially if your getting your news from a guy name Bob the Smack King-and there is like weird emojis between them (I made this name up).

There are so many websites, so many accounts talking,   putting out information, facts can we call it that? With social media we have lost the importance of research and learning. When I was in school we learned what a reliable source was, whats a fact vs opinion maybe it was that I was getting my English, communication degree. But also learned that in high school.

Social media isn’t a reliable source.

The influence and impact we could have.c289f36fc13d4152c8d87545f0eed0f3.jpg

People who call themselves influencer, really need to look up what that word means and understand the power they have.  There is so many good things you can do, even if its just creating make up tutorials.

Social media is great but if we are using it for click bate, to get the views, to reach the unbelievable numbers–you have lost something. There is something else that is driving you and its to a dark, unhealthy place. It’s like that quote money doesn’t buy you happiness. Well 15 million followers won’t give you happiness.

As audience, as readers, the people who the influences are trying to get attention or entertain we have an impact too, not to follow, not to click, not to watch these people that are such a negative impact. Like why follow Bob the Smack King who keeps tweeting out hateful, rude things when you could follow Billy the guy with the Dog, who post pictures of his puppy?!?

There is a positive impact social media can have and we, as people, humans, society, can make it happen.

The good side to Social Media


I envy the people who stay off line or don’t have any social media, but I also think they missing a lot.   I think social media is a great way to keep connected with people you probably would lose touch with. It’s a great way to get the happenings faster and know whats happening in the world. We are connected and know whats happening around the world, faster than ever before.  It’s also a place we can learn, become aware, and/or can find themselves with videos like LGBTQ and mental health. We are able to watch livestreams of concerts, we can start movements, and we can put change into the world. Example the Me too movement that brought on awareness for sexual assault and harassment- to say no more and times up!

Social media has created changes and awareness. What social media has done has really connected to so many things, giving us access to the world around us and being aware.

To Sum up…

Growing up social media wasn’t a thing, I am very lucky in that. I worry for my kids for any kid now lately. We are in a world consumed around social media. And people seem to care more about  their social media ranked.  I miss good conversation, good long text messages. I want to pass around pictures with a stranger, an old pale, a lover who is now a friend. I’ve been pulling away from social media over the last year, further away from Instagram because “everything is the same” how many times have I said that? There algorithm is making the challenge to put out contact and feel emotional good a struggle that I just don’t have time for. There more important things.  I’m getting to an age where I shouldn’t even be taking puppy dog filter selfies, you know?

Really the best way to get through social media is to not take yourself so seriously, bullshit it all, and than live your life as you want in IRL (oh i hate that abbreviation).


I am still on social media. Follow the adventure