What’s in my Bag

Going on a 5-day trip, two of those days are traveling days, to Portland Organ. I have never been to the city or the state so this is adding to the list of “places I’ve been.” My own little accomplishment, what places do you want to accomplish?

This post is all about what’s in my suitcase. It isn’t much and  wrote this the night before so sorry if it isn’t too standers but like its what’s in my bag?As this post goes up I filmed on my Insta stories what’s in my carry one, that I spent working on so if you want to see that click here and FOLLOW!

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Clothes Processed with VSCO with 10 preset

I am bringing two jeans; black(TopShop) and pin strips(H&M).

ONE outfit: Overalls that I got from Topshop and an old cropped sweater

Tops: A t-shirt I got from Zara, a long grey top that is from ONLY Ireland, and a black sweater from Target by Who wore what.

Shoes: black booties and sneakers.

For a jacket I am bringing my Northface one, it is winter still and I’m not going anywhere tropical.


Processed with VSCO with 10 presetPretty simple list of your basic bathroom needs like shampoo, body wash (which I almost forgot to pack), hairbrush etc.

I packed my make up. I am not bringing too much since I’m not going for some event or anything so its pretty basic with makeup; foundation, concealer, one eyeshadow palette, a Becca palette by Chrissy Tegan that has everything blush, highlighter, and bronzer. One liquid lipstick.

I think its important when bringing bathroom stuff to bring the stuff you do every day, especially when you’re gone more than a night. That stuff is important to you, it’s a routine you should keep. So I always pack my night mask by Origins “Drink Up”.


Makeup brushes, of course, I have a travel set I bring.

I am bringing a hat with me to change up the look of outfits when I want.

There really isn’t anything extra I am bringing with me.

It’s a pretty basic what’s in my bag, but when you try to pack it it begins to seem like ” a lot” I never know how anyone can pack those small bags on plane. It’s like are you only going to wear the outfit you have on? I swear I have gotten better at not overpacking, and determine what I need to bring. I use to always bring so much for things to do on the plane but would never do them. I don’t know how I will ever be able to backpack.

Like I told my friend the key is those Seventeen magazines of 5 items for 7 days-if only! That’ll be a cool blog post to try! *light bulb*

Are you an over packer? What do you pack usual? Could you backpack travel? Let me know!

whats in my bag a city girl story post