Bad Dates Part 6: I LOVE MEN

I think when I am on a date and I tell a guy I’m a feminist the guy sitting across from me thinks I hate men….I lOVE MEN..I’m obsess! 

I am a feminist so I should hate men right?  I think people might get confused that I hate men or something. That’s not true, I love men, I’m obsessed with guys! It’s just I’ve had some really bad, funny, random experiences with guys that are worth sharing. I don’t like or think me talking about the good dates, romantic parts of dating are worth sharing, they’re not as funny! Plus, those are mine to keep not to share. However, I will say that I know there are good guys out there and I adore them-weather they know it or appreciate it.

The guys that are in my life, who I call friends, I respect dearly and are in my life for a reason, thus, they sure aren’t the men that I’m writing about.

I don’t believe the “all men” concept. I was raised by a good guy who never taught me to be a delicate flower or I couldn’t do something because I was a girl, I could do it because I AM a girl. I have met some great guys, and have been in relationships with nice guys. And I know these guys aren’t saints but they’re not ones to hate either! Its true society has taught us, girls and boys, of how to act, how to be. Girls are not supposed to raise their voice, Boys are not supposed to cry. We have to break that!

I never thought me being a feminist or having a passion for women’s right made me a man hater. When I talk to a guy and either about my passion for being a women or how I punch a guy in the balls without knowing the exact story how they react tells me everything. And that natural makes how I look at him. Because I’ve told the stories to guys, I’ve told guys my passion, I’ve told them stories and they have been nothing but supportive. Or laugh about it with me.

Guys are great sure some of them can be such ass wholes and stick up there asses. Some can be sexist and get so defensive when I tell them “no I don’t take it as a compliment” those guys are not the guys I adore and why should I?

I probably will get someone who will read this and tell me off; that’s their opinion. This is my experience.

I love men!