Bad Dates Part 6: I LOVE MEN

I think when I am on a date and I tell a guy I’m a feminist the guy sitting across from me thinks I hate men….I lOVE MEN..I’m obsess! 

I am a feminist so I should hate men right?  I think people might get confused that I hate men or something. That’s not true, I love men, I’m obsessed with guys! It’s just I’ve had some really bad, funny, random experiences with guys that are worth sharing. I don’t like or think me talking about the good dates, romantic parts of dating are worth sharing, they’re not as funny! Plus, those are mine to keep not to share. However, I will say that I know there are good guys out there and I adore them-weather they know it or appreciate it.

The guys that are in my life, who I call friends, I respect dearly and are in my life for a reason, thus, they sure aren’t the men that I’m writing about.

Let’s talk about those good guys and where they are at.

I find it interesting when I post or share something that is under the umbrella of women’s issues men usually don’t say anything. Another example was on this Instagram account I stumbled upon was from a guy named Mike, who made a Pledge to stand up against toxic masculinity and locker room talk-basically asking his fellow men to stand up and speak up, defend and say “hey” to the guys that are..the example in his Instagram post below. I shared that post via stories and he then came back with another post (below) of his surprise that the ones who are sharing it have been women and he’s ASKING where his duded at? 

A great question! If you don’t want people to say “all men” well men got to start speaking up, supporting and saying “hey man that’s not okay to say.”

I don’t believe the “all men” are bad. I was raised by a good guy who never taught me to be a delicate flower or I couldn’t do something because I was a girl, I could do it because I AM a girl. I have met some great guys, and have been in relationships with nice guys. And I know these guys aren’t saints but they’re not ones to hate either! Its true society has taught us, girls and boys, of how to act, how to be. Girls are not supposed to raise their voice, Boys are not supposed to cry. We have to break that!

I probably will get someone who will read this and tell me off; that’s their opinion. This is my experience. And the thing is we can’t just cut off men because…

Good Guys, we NEED you!

I guess what I’m trying to say is you should be pissed off at the jerks giving you a bad name. Like how dare these guys to make it even harder for you to date a girl, makes it harder for you to get the respect from women, and all above. Make you feel like you have to watch what you say (it’s not fun, is it?!). But the one thing we need you to do is STAND UP. We can’t have you sit by not say anything, not ‘like’ something, not support, not vote, etc. for women! We need you!

Here are a few things good guys can do (and for the guys who really truly want to be a better man, be a better person in this world, to be open-minded, to be loving, to have respect, to not be seen as discussing and creepy take note as well) stand with women, if you see something that is the wrong call it out, don’t laugh when it isn’t funny. Want to give a woman a compliment on her abilities,  let her speak, and tell the guy ‘hey she was next, she was speaking.” We need you tell the guy who is talking about a woman in a degrading way to not laugh but say “dude come on!” Are you getting the idea?

You can stand by us, march with us, you can wear a pin, can hold up a sign. But the most important thing you can do is walk the walk! Take Action!

All talk little action, concept.

In all honesty, the bad dates is just a bit of bants xx