26 years old now: what I inspire in the next year

I’ve learned a lot in 26 years. But I’m not going to write a list of things I’ve learned in 26 years because it’s kind of the same as last year. Instead I’m going to tell you what I inspire to be and do in the next year.

I inspire to be more artistic…

a city girl story birthday.jpgI have always looked at pictures and think to myself I want to take that pictures, so I went to that place to go get that shot, but every time I go there, I make 5 million different shots of how I see it. But lately, I find it harder to be creative as an art form. I play around, and then I look at what I took, and I hate them! Delete and get very upset because its like how do I even create on my own? And personal I’ve been sick of the photos I’ve been sharing especially on Instagram. I don’t like the blogger look, I don’t want to be taking pictures like there ootd shots. Instead, I want to make photographs that are more detailed, unusual photos-ones that tell a story. 

But what story do I want to tell?

To do that I want to do things, like going to an art museum, reading more book, going to see plays, see more movies(for a really long time I never went to a movie theater), I want to dress up more, to actually do my hair. I want to design postcards, I want to make more collages, I want to read magazines and buy magazines. It’s like that say in all my English classes to be a better writer you need to read more books.

I want to actually finish a story

I’ve been saying for awhile I have wasted my master’s degree, I have said it. And if someone decided to tell it to me, your a dick. I have been writing, not only on my blog but little by little, I said that 2018 is going to be more writing. I would love a career that has writing in it (I like copywriting I know that’s probably weird coming from a “creative person” but its actually very creative!), but the one thing that I haven’t done since I was 10 years old was to finish a story.

In school our short stories didn’t really need an ending, I always turned my stories into “it’s going to be longer piece” so I didn’t actually have to have an ending. My thesis turned into “something longer.” So I would like to finish a story, I’ve already started it, I have this plan to write this YA novel, and then I can write this more in-depth emotional story after.

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I like to have my own place and to be a 26-year-old woman, not a girl

This one is tough to explain and might sound really weird. And I know it’s true you never will feel your age, you probably will never look your age, and people tell me that when I’m 40, I’d be happy people will think I’m 26. But for me, when I was little, and I played house or daydreamed in school of the older me and what my life would be.  I picture myself walking the streets of some city, in a pencil skirt, fun blouse, hair up in a sturdy pony, and some heels. Carrying a small bag more for a writer, not a businesswoman, caring coffee, and running across the street. I imagine myself in a little loft with a dog, named Fluffy after my grandma’s dog which was my childhood adventure buddy along with my own dog, eating chines food because I still couldn’t cook. In a long t-shirt, no pants on and blasting music that just felt good. And that’s what I would like for 26.

I don’t want to put on those heels and look at myself and think “I’m a kid playing dress up” because a lot of the time I feel like that. I thought maybe I feel like that because my self-confidence is down and I don’t feel like doing much, even working out. Going out isn’t the same here, and I loved the scene in Cork. But when I look at some pictures and my tight jeans wearing a crop top, I just roll my eyes the 26-year-old girl wouldn’t wear that would she? I love crop top’s still, but I want to dress them like a woman. I want to be flirty, thriving and enjoying every bit of herself! To be in that working wear and not feeling so out of place. I want to be 26 and not a ‘child.’

I want to be flirty and thriving

a city girl topshop dress .jpgThat’s what I inspire to have in the next year. I am not looking forward to this birthday, to be honest, partly because it’s my first birthday since 21 that I am not celebrating in Ireland. I won’t have all my friends around me, I won’t have that night in Cork in Rearden’s. And so for 25 has been a shite year, and 26 isn’t that exciting it’s worst than turning 18. But I’m determined to make it a GREAT 26 year full of excitement, being more artistic, and being flirting and thriving.

I would also like to drink more tea.


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