How to feel flirty and thriving

This goes along with my birthday post because I said how I want 26 to be a year of being flirty and thriving. Now “flirty and thriving” is a feeling, so the question is how do you get that feeling? A lot like if you want to feel good in your skin, you working out. I am a big believer that if you want something or something, the only way it will happen is on you. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules like when you take a test, you studied for it, you took it, and whatever happens is out of your control. I am doing this post partly for me to remind myself what I can do to make sure I am not only living my best 26 life but also that I feel flirty and thriving…

How to feel flirty and thriving

  • The one thing I want to do is get myself dress for the day; a lot of the times I will throw on what’s on my floor or my chair. And even though I am going to have a home day, putting on an outfit, getting ready, ‘dressing up’ will not only help with self-confidence but give you this feeling of ready to take on the day at home. Dressing up does not dismiss leggings or a sweatshirt but maybe pair the sweatshirt with more ‘stylish’ bottoms.
  • Get myself out of the box I have put myself in when it comes to writing, photography, blogging; etc. I talked about in my what I desire for the being 26 posts of how I want to be more artistic, but I am still unsure of what story I want to tell. I have come up with a few ideas:
    • I want to document a minute of my day; not to post but to have. I have a minor in visual communications so I know the importance of what a photo, a video can do. I also kind of miss home videos. But I know with social media these days the feeling of needing to post/share. I want to document my 26 years, not for anyone, but myself. Sure video cameras aren’t a thing I would like to have a folder on my desktop of 1-minute clips of each day (hopefully) of my 26 years.
    • Create postcards and work on projects like collages.
    • To write more prose and fiction each day. If I do these things that are not usually things I do the creative juices will start flowing.
  • To carry my camera everywhere and use my phone less. I don’t care how heavy it is. I got my red camera for my bag, for a reason.
  • To do the things I daydream about. Instead of daydreaming about them just make them happen!
  • The most important one just be yourself! If you want to be flirty and thriving the only way you can be is if you are yourself!

You can find me somewhere between inspiritng others, working on myself, dodging negativity and slaying goals.

Since turning 26, I have felt little more accepting of being 26, probably because I made the blog post. However, there is always that chance of getting off the cloud nine feeling because of the anxiety/thoughts that easily come, kicking me off.  Again being flirty and thriving is all up to you; I could do all these things, and maybe I still won’t feel flirty and thriving. But I know if I don’t come up with ideas of what to do differently than things won’t change and I might not feel flirty and thriving. For instance, if I stay with looking at my phone before I go to bed, and keep having a restless sleep does that change anything? No. but if I read a poetry book before bed with a face mask, I might have a good night sleep and wake up feeling flirty and thriving. Makes sense? There are plenty of things and moves, I want to do to make sure I feel like a 26 flirty and thriving woman; a lot of the things I have to wait a few months for, for the snow to melt. However, I hope these things give you some idea for your own list, inspiration and maybe even motivation.

acitygirlstoryhowtobeflirtingthrivingproseOf course, you are human and if you spend a day on the sofa watching Gilmore Girls that is okay as well! Just don’t do it for the whole summer. I want 26 to be my year, to be a 26 woman, feeling flirty and thriving than it’s my own will and determination to make it happen! You are too, I believe in you!


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