Blogging: do it for yourself not for the gram

I see so many people talk, mention about Instagram, algorithm, their statistics (so many problems with it), so I want to write this for others to read and hopefully, they can find peace and take it back the good old days of enjoying writing and taking pictures. 

As I get older and thinking about this blog stuff, social media. And when will I stop? I think about when and if I become that mom with three kids, having to balance work and getting my kids to practice, will I become that mom blogger? Will I share my children’s OTTD? Or will I even have social media?

My mind is wild with imagination and questions.

Now with Instagram Comes Vero

I find myself very lucky for that I was born in the 90s.  I know what a CD player is, I know what a car phone was and rely on paper maps to tell us how to get somewhere. I am a 90s kid living in the 21 century. Because of that, I know social media isn’t the definition or value of who I am. I completely understand that its a new wave of connection, businesses, and for some a living- for those original content creators and influencers. Like anything, it will grow and develop. For instance, take a phone it uses to be this huge box on your wall then dial on the desk, turns into having a car phone, to flip phone, to Sidekicks to now smartphones. First, there was myspace than there was facebook. Now with Instagram comes Vero. I did download it, frustration to even get an account, sketched out by needing to give my phone number, and when finally did get it, what a headache of “unable to connect.” After reading about there terms and conditions, and about the CEO. I realize it was against my values and that I might be too old to move forward with social media.  But maybe like how kids hardly play outside now, we are losing the real meaning of being bloggers, content creators, photographers, artist, business, whatever. And a question comes to mind:

Do we even need a new social media platform or do we need to take it back to the blog?

Take it Back to Blogging

I think Anouska, a blogger, said it well in her blog post, read it here. She has some excellent points on stop focusing on Instagram but that we should take it back to the blog. She says it so well, I won’t repeat it, go read it.

I personally have made 2018 be all about writing, to not make my focus about getting 1,000 followers on Instagram. Doing this has made blogging an enjoyment again. Because really we should take it back to the blog, there is no algorithm for a blog just trying to understand SEO.

I want to be part of something REAL

There are so many great bloggers and writers out there that don’t get the attention they deserve, and maybe that’s what makes them so great. The ones who have such a large following, there is nothing to them; just the same ‘sponsor’ post everyone else is talking about (you know the ones about those ‘fat burning tea’s’).  And that’s getting more attention, they’re getting the likes, the followers? For that, you shouldn’t even want to be part of it. Maybe you do.


 For me, I don’t. I want to be part of something that is real, not fake. I don’t want to post or share something for the sake of getting likes. I don’t want to post myself in an outfit I don’t even wear, reblogging on some account that shares others photos to gain more followers.  I want to write a long meaningful blog post, I don’t want to write a few sentences about how I got coffee today. And I don’t want to be part of any group, community that is saying there for being ‘girl boss’ and ‘woman empowerment’ and once you show up, they are giving you the dirtiest look ever.

Blogging has become this game, an example is this guy who was in NYC kept liking my photos, randomly, not following me or anything. He stopped so maybe he finally figured it out  I wasn’t playing the game. It shouldn’t be a game, it shouldn’t be who’s getting the most likes, you shouldn’t be creating content or even blogging for the sake of attention, getting those likes.

You should be having fun, being yourself and putting out content that you like not what you think you should! 

Stop agonizing self and start enjoying yourself again

That being said I have talked about making my stories be more creative and not just posting them; but is that for attention from strangers or myself? Its mostly for myself, I am not a perfectionist, but I like creating things, always have. And I find if I do something that I enjoy, I am proud of, sure it is frustrating, stings a little for that perfect shot didn’t get the “likes” it deserves, but I don’t need it.

We should be enjoying ourselves!

We can bitch about Instagram for its shittiness, and they’re not even addressing or answering others. It shows the lack of care they have for their ‘customers.’ And maybe that’s the power we have, not to change Instagram but change how we use Instagram as the ‘customers,’ as the creators need to stop given Instagram the attention it doesn’t deserve.

We should be creating, writing the blog post, taking pictures for the enjoyment of it. Not for the likes. And if you are doing it for the likes, or for anything silly, you are doing it all for the wrong reasons. Enjoy yourself and put out content that matters to you!

I’ve been grabbing my camera and set it on ‘video’ not for the sake to make a vlog or start a youtube channel but because I I would like to have them for myself.

What I want you to take away from this post is to FORGET INSTAGRAM, don’t pay attention to the ones who are, and take it back to why you started and focus your attention and work onto your blog not on your instgram!

A thought.