City Girl Guide: A day up North in Minnesota

I want up to Duluth for the day this is what happened…

Duluth, Minnesota is about 2 hours north of the Twin Cities. If you leave in the morning, you can spend almost the whole day up there. Now Duluth isn’t thriving with arts and culture like MPLs but it has its own charm, and if you like nature I am sure you will enjoy Duluth, and the area’s around it. We went up on a sunny March day, snow still on the ground and the Great Lake is still frozen. Why would we go in winter and not wait for summer? Because it’s just as pretty in the winter and parking near the harbor is FREE.a city girl story duuth Minnesota only in minnesota.jpg

We ate at Grandma’s, probably the only place that pops into my mind when someone asks where we should eat for food in Duluth. It’s a local joint, with tons of random signs, road signs, objects all over the place. It’s a pricey place, something I have noticed about Duluth it’s very expensive but what can you expect from a place that in winter get’s frozen and lives on summer tourist-for a city it is tough.

We walked around the area, climbed over the rocks that in winter are covered in snow and ice. The Lake is frozen over, I stepped on it, but kept to the edge. We actually crossed the lift bridge that if you google Duluth is probably a repetitive picture you will see over and over again.  On the other side of the pride is park point, not an island just a long strip of land. We went to the beach that was covered in snow, the ice from the lake was high up on the sand beach. It was amazing to see! That time I went on the lake frozen on ice just to say I did.

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It’s hard to find views when you’re in a place surrounded by land-there some hills, but nothing massive like you would see other areas. But along the Lake Superior, one of the great lakes you are given views like your on the West Coast, but don’t be fooled its a lake, not an ocean!   I live in wide open space, endless horizon and views on the edge of the world. In Ireland you get that all the time, when living there I never took it for granted, always taking in the views because I knew what living surrounded by land felt like. Despite Lake Superior is a lake and you can see Wisconsin the open area does give you that senes and should always stop and take it in! The views along this shore start in Duluth up to Grand Marais are ones to experience and see.

Our last stop was the aquarium. It was a bit overpriced and having to pay for parking as well, but we saw it as a donation since again not a lot of people would come up here in the winter, and the prices are high for the summer rush, and they can keep the aquarium and the animals safe. There are a lot of fish but the one animals I think is the main attraction is the Otter’s.

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After we watch the Otter’s we headed out, it was getting after 3 o’clock almost time to hit the road back home, but we took a walk behind the building to capture some pictures along the water with the lift bridge in the background, of course.

I think when it comes to places that I know its hard to find the wonders of the area. Like when you do something so many times, to you it’s just whatever, but for someone else who never gets to its amazing.

Duluth is that something for me, growing up I would go up there all the time; same with New York. But the more I get older and want to share the wonders of places I always go back to like Duluth, I begin to find its beauty again.

If you want the shots you see all over Instagram of Duluth because you can get some fantastic shots, a day trip is all you need. There’s a lot to do further North of Duluth, but I record waiting for summer and check out my blog post about my trip last summer there to guide you to what to see and do!

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