Lookbook: Why Feminist isn’t a dirty word

Saying I’m a feminist is very unlike a lot of bloggers–but here is why we shouldn’t feel this shame or anxiety of saying we are feminist! And the power we have when saying it!

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What is Feminism?

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes;

according to Google.


Are you a Feminist? 

A BuzzFeed quiz puts it well, you believe in equal rights? Yes, you are a feminist. If no, then we have a whole different conversation. Personally, I am hesitant to even say I am a feminist. Because saying you’re a feminist is still considered wrong, outrageous, or rebellious; it’s regarded as a dirty word.

outfit style lookbook zara spring time minnesota city girl.jpgBut, a feminist isn’t a dirty word, it’s a powerful word. The word feminist is seen in a new light, now with so many movements, activism, and communities are forming around the feminist idea. It’s been put on T-shirts (see post here), people are starting it in their dating bios or even on twitter. This openness to feminism has brought a new positive wave to society, and there is now no fear of saying you are a feminist. Unfortunately, there are still people who get offended when you say you’re a feminist (I’ve lost the 2nd date many times). And to that I say who cares, why not call yourself a feminist?



Why we need it. 

We need feminism. Feminism ideas are still needed today because the war on women is still being fought around the world. For example, in Ireland, the 8th amendment is being repealed.

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We need feminist to fight this fight. We need it because without it women wouldn’t be where we are today and where we are going tomorrow. 

We are so afraid to say we are feminist, because of the reputation of feminist have had in the past. But, I’m calling bullshit!


A boy once told me he was a feminist, but he doesn’t like the aspects of feminism, like how they hate men.  I’m surprised that there’s still ‘man-hating’ out there. I love men.  I think the idea of feminist hating men is as old as saying feminists don’t shave their legs, they can’t dress sexy, they are loud. Being a Feminist doesn’t mean you don’t shave your legs or dressing like a Tom Boy.

The backlash people give another woman who poses naked. For instance, Emily Ratajkowski, a woman who has said she is a feminist, but she also danced in her swimsuit. So what! There is no right definition of what a feminist looks like or has to be like. Emily doesn’t have to be like Emma Watson, and Emma doesn’t have to be like Emily.Processed with VSCO with 10 preset

Quote from Ratajkowski: Feminism isn’t about adjusting, it’s about freedom and choice.

Being a feminist is about the equality of the sexes and being respected, whether you are white, black, Asian, LGBTQ; your choices are yours. What I mean by that is, if you want to shave your legs go for it, if you’re going to dress in your bra then go for it!   Feminism is all about the choice of your own self and body. DUH!  I don’t think me putting on six-inch heels, some shorts and a crop top make me anything less of a feminist.

woman support woman lookbook .jpgThe part of Feminism I don’t get.

 Woman against woman

There are times where other women go against you and why? That doesn’t help anything! There are the ladies who called all the woman who marched last year a snowflake.  You see it all the time other women tell other women there wrong, woman judging other women, giving stink eye because she is different.

I once told someone that the only people who I think have a right to say something about my tattoos, and what I want to do with my body are my parents. She disagreed, telling me that was not their right, it’s mine. And I stood there more mad at her because that was my value she was putting her opinion and her thoughts on me. Like this was my value, this was my body, and didn’t we all want people to have the right to choose what they can think and do? My choice was that I felt my parents could have an opinion, but it doesn’t mean I’d listen. I have 5 tattoos!

Maybe this isn’t a ‘feminist’ issue just a  people issue.

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I think women should support other women even when they don’t agree with them.  That’s the point of feminism. If more women are open to calling themselves feminist and being open to other’s ideas, there wouldn’t be such fear or dirtiness to feminism

I read a quote by Chealsy Handler “You might not want to be friends with every woman you know. And that’s ok; you don’t have to be friends with all women to be a good feminist. But you do have to be a good sister to the women in your life.” 


Blogging as a Feminist

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I say…Be a feminist

Because Feminism, being a feminist can be seen as dirty. Most blogger’s don’t say they are, they don’t even want to talk about issues, topics that are important; or because it doesn’t fit what they are talking about.

BS. You talking about fashion. That goes right under feminism. Dress codes for women, how she is asked: “what she is wearing.”  So why are fashion bloggers not talking about this? Or worst why are they wearing a ‘Girl Power’ T but when there is a movement, an event they are silent? No hashtag, no insta story, not even a tweet.

I’m embrassed to be a blogger.

Leanna Woodfull, Thunder and Threads blogger, said it well in her blog post address silence in bloggers:

“Today’s youth look at bloggers and social media influencers quicker than they do television celebrities or pop stars. We have a bigger clout at our disposal, yet it goes to waste. Every single day.” _Leanna

Leanna also stated how brands don’t work with her because of how she refuses to stay entirely. She’s bluntly honest and real. Like me, and I’ve been told being honest can be hard for others. I say being silent is worst! As a blogger, I  don’t want to be quiet, especially since my blog is for women and writing for girls, ladies.  If I lose followers, because I am talking about woman issues, stating I am a feminist, or being real then I am happy!  I rather get no likes, if I am talking about things that matter.  

So be a bad-ass feminist! 

Being a feminist means you have strength, you are understanding, respectful, you listen, you speak up, you take on the action. You pay attention, you are driven, you are a team player- all things businesses and society want in a person right?

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I wanted to write this blog post because I would write freely on here about women topics with no fear-because who’s reading it? But I never would say I am a feminist, for worry and respect for others. But, I am not respecting myself! I’m so done with that!

Also, I wrote this because I am tired of adult women who have a blog, a platform who don’t even mention about topics. I understand if you fear of trolls or loud opinions, I am right there with you. But, so many others are voicing the same thing and its importance. We shouldn’t be afraid to say we are feminist because other think its dirt.So what if it doesn’t fit your aesthetic.

Blogger or just an everyday girl; saying you are a feminist is powerful, it’s joining in the movement, it’s changing things, you are speaking up, you are saying NO! And you are proving that females are the future!


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