Lookbook: Blogging in silence

My last lookbook I mention about my disappointment with bloggers who are being silent. I am expanding on that thought and talking about my experience, addressing how bloggers shouldn’t have this fear of being silent! 

Being Different in Blogging

I started making connections with other bloggers in Ireland. So I could be part of the blogger community in Ireland and to meet people and make friends.  When I moved back, I did the same thing with Minnesota bloggers. However, I found trying to make friends and be part of a blogging community here was like high school on steroids.  I couldn’t even make connections with other bloggers, they would follow me but soon unfollow me.  I went to the events to meet and like no one was willing to talk to you, so many people look down at me.  From my experience, it is because I had no fear to be different.

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If you’re going to be different you have to be a kind of different.

For so many girls we are taught to be a certain way. We are supposed to act this way, we are supposed to look this way. But, we shouldn’t fear to be different! I am someone who knows she is different, I know I do things differently, and I’ve accepted that for myself because I care more about staying true to myself than anything. In blogging, that is exactly what I am doing.

When you look at blogs and/or bloggers overall a lot are talking about the same thing, which is fine but a little repetitive.  And are we so fearful of being different that so many people don’t? Because being different isn’t seen as a good thing? 

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So I really had given up on the blogging community here, because it isn’t very accepting, from my experience and I am embarrassed to even be a blogger when I went to events.  The blogging community is filled with empowering, bad ass woman, but there is a lot of silence when we need solidarity. And this is what blogging and the community needs to change because it has a vital role in the world.

Blogging role in the world.

Blogging is this new exciting thing that has changed a lot of things. For instance, when I am going to a new place I search it on Instagram to find out what places I should go to. It’s not only a place to share, its a place to get information, to stay connected around the world. Blogging and Bloggers are influencing, it’s a word that most bloggers cringe. However, its the only word that fits.

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Bloggers started out to be this normal everyday life and style thing, but now blogging has become such a business built on the notion of real; that viewers are looking at them and thinking that’s real life. She really did wake up like that, she really does have tan legs.  Blogging has become a brand, and like a brand, you have to have an image. Thus, some bloggers don’t talk about topics, they don’t even support movements on social media.  I mention in my last blog post on this silent bloggers, how it’s frustrating how these bloggers don’t speak up, they rather tell you about what they bought than talk about things that are happening, that matter, and that is why I wrote this blog post.   There are so many topics, conversations to be had that so many people go through.  We have such power and a platform that so many other women don’t get. If we stay silent, we don’t help anyone or anything. Blogging is supposed to be this real thing, so we should talk about topics that are real and that affect us.

Processed with VSCO with 5 presetWe still can talk about beauty and fashion trends. I am not saying we should get all political here or start an argument- keep that for Twitter and trolls. What I am saying is there are so many topics that are out there that affect young girls, 20 something ladies, and woman who look at blogs. We can put a voice towards someone else, like how we do shot outs for other bloggers for people to follow them, if we do that for a topic, for a woman’s issue or an organization that free’s cats from trees, image the impact it will have. We can’t just wear the ‘girl gang’ T-shirt we have to actually do it!

When it comes to movements, there is no shame, no harm done to your astic if you mention things like the Me too movement, March for Our lives, to say you Beleive her.

To Sum Up

 Blogging and blogging community is new,  it has such influence on people who view and/or read. But it’s 2018 where a woman can be anything she wants to be, there are women of color, different backgrounds that are bosses, etc. But…

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Pictured are still being photoshopped, we dare to talk about our periods or even be able to show a woman’s nipple. And when essential movements or topics happen there is silence. And as bloggers whatever topic you talk about whether its fitness, travel, lifestyle, food, fashion, beauty; there is always a topic you can talk about.

Of course, not all bloggers are silent and I love those bloggers. I rather follow them and read their content than anything else, because they’re showing true character with their honesty, openness, and they’re showing other’s it doesn’t matter if you are different you.

There are girls just like me who are looking for blogs that are talking about things that no one is talking to them about and they want to know, looking for a place where someone gets it. I hope they find A city Girl Story and get that!

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