What I got so far that is Cruelty Free

I decided this year to go cruelty-free, wrote a blog post about it can read there. And so far I found that process to be harder than I thought.

It is easy to say “I’m going cruelty-free” but hard to say goodbye to products that you love. What I find when it comes to make-up is that it’s hard to find products that are good, work for your skin and do not break the bank.  I felt it was easier to stop eating meat than going cruelty-free; until I live on my own and realize I am not getting the main food groups.

So upset when I found out that Benfit was not crulety free and there goes all my eyebrow must have’s!

When I stood in Target makeup, none of my usual makeup was cruelty-free, which was disappointing. Why can’t make up be cruelty-free? I was talking to my parents about my transition into cruelty-free and how make-up is not a need it’s a want, and we shouldn’t put animals through this need of ours, it’s not the circle of life. So how disappointed it is that a lot of drugstores make up is not cruelty-free. So, I found myself having to head to places like Sephora and Ultra, where I usually don’t go for my basic makeup needs only when I am looking for something specific.  I found myself buying products, spending money on products and I wonder if I’m spending money more on the name or on cruelty-free? Something to look into.

So I am on the hunt for few things foundation, concealer, face powder, eyebrows, and mascara, maybe a blush (but I have a few of those already) here is what I got so far:

Tart Foundation: $35.00 for a foundation is pushing the limits for me. But I only use it on special moments; since it is pricey. I like this foundation, you don’t need much. It has a great thickness to it for full coverage and lasts all day, plus side it has SPF in it. I use a brush to buffer it in and then a sponge to clean it up a bit. Sometimes I hate it because of my face it more dry in winter but I have a feeling if I use less and in the summer when my skin gets oily it will be a hit!

NYX Foundation: I am running out of this so fast! What’s with NYX products not lasting more than two weeks? You use a little drip thing like I’m basting a Turkey or something and found the best way to apply it is with a sponge- the direction says after 2 hours reapply, which if you put all the other stuff on your face I wonder how that will go. I’m not a fan, which sucks because NYX is one of the only drugstore cruelty-free products to choose from.

If I can find a foundation that actually lasts a long time for everyday use that’s not expensive that be great!

Concealer the next must I need in my make up! 

Tart Concealer: The most expensive and I can’t! Did you watch my Instagram stories? I was going to like lose my head over how expensive this was! I heard about this concealer awhile back, but I had the dupe for it (NOT SOLD IN AMERICA) so I caved and got the actual shape tape concealer and try not to scream!  But it actually seems to be able to last a long time, I use it only for under my eyes and after I put on my bronzer to lighten my face in the spots; basically countering a whole different way. Like the foundation it has this thickness like it will not only last, you won’t need a lot. It’s just the price that gets me!

Sephora Concealer: Turns out Sephora is cruelty-free until it’s by law to test on animals, a cheap trick if you ask me, and even though I still don’t know the laws for State Side, anyone know like to send me a link? I usually don’t let this pass, but I already bought it and was desperate to find a counselor that wasn’t going to cause me to have a heart attack each time I bought it! So far I like them, I got a skin color and green for that redness. I feel like for a concealer, and what it’s for to cover up spots and lines it’s perfect. Where the Tart one feel is more perfect for under eyes.

Elf Concealer: The cheapest of the cheap! OMG, why isn’t all make up this cheap like!? It’s small but has the same amount as the others. The only probably there aren’t many different colors to pick from, and I got the lightest, and it’s still too dark.

Because I love my eyebrows I’m looking for a quicky pencil to have when you have a minute for your brows

Elf eyebrow stick: 3 bucks!!! I was screaming and again only two different colors to pick from. And I picked the more tart color one. I thought I liked it until I tried it. It went on fine when going over the hairs, but when trying to fill in the spots, it’s like smears. That’s the only way I can describe it. But it is cheap.

Elf primer: I realize I need to find a primer, and this one has been actually great! I feel like it really brightens my face, it hydrates it well. And the price point! I will definitely be sticking with this primer; the only thing is traveling, I think I will have to find one that can travel with. And there goes needing to spend the $$$

That’s what I got!

I am trying and testing which one works best for me. I am still hunting for a reasonable price point foundation and eyebrow pencil. If you have any suggestions for products or brands that are cruelty-free let me know!

Hopefully writing these blog post about cruelty-free will make going cruelty less feel like Ikea directions because I will tell you I did my research, I googled, and there is so much out there, a lot that is not helpful at all and really doesn’t say what I want to know. And so what I write these I am writing what I want to know.