City Girl Guide: Favorite Brewery: Headflyer

When moving back to Minnesota, I wrote a blog post about coming back which you can read here. In that post I described Minnesota being a sea of breweries- and it’s not a lie they ARE everywhere. Minnesota is very hipster. In my year and so months back I tried to find my place in this city. Which is kind of hard since A. Breweries really love making drinks bizarre and I just want a good old pint! B. There is so much out there and living 15 mints away having to deal with driving, parking, the vibe of the place, how friendly is the bartenders and will I find any future husbands there.

The one place I’ve been ending up more than once has been Headflyer.

Headflyer Brew City Girl Story.jpg


It’s right in NE Minneapolis, but not in the heart of it. They have good beer, it took awhile for me to find one that I actually liked because again I just want a beer. And I found it with “Hola.” The bartenders are willing to have a conversation with you, which is really hard to get in a lot of places. And that is a big thing for me, coming from Ireland where the local bars will learn about you in 5 minutes, not having that was a big downfall for me. Not at Headflyers, they will talk to you! There is a lot of seating with the coach by the fireplace, low tables, and high tables. There is a screen for those sports watching people. And they don’t do food, but sometimes there are food trucks and they have a menu for places that will deliver here. Best part there is a PARKING LOT! GOALS sold! Going to all these breweries, there has been little parking or trouble parking; every-time I go here I get a spot!favourite brewery headflyers brew minnesota MPLS.jpg

Dogs are allowed. If you are reading this and you’re not from Minnesota, you might find having dogs weird, but it’s a thing here.

The Vibe:

It’s never overpacked, it’s the perfect place to sit with your friends. It has never been over packed. Sometimes when I go there are a lot of group of people that throws me off, but overall it’s very chill and fun place to sit, talk to my friends while having a pint.  Minnesota has chilled me out.

headflyer brew fav brewery

Overall I have gone to this place about 6 times since finding it, and there was only one time, during the Olympics I was disappointed, but I should have known better to watch my Olympics at home. Headflyers without them knowing has become my place, I like the vibe, the variety of people, the bartenders are friendly, I found a good piny, and we can sit and chat. Will you meet new people? Not so much but that’s more of a Minnesota thing. If you are ever in Minnesota and looking for a Minnesota thing to do, Breweries are defiantly up there so check out Headflyers.

This past weekend they celebrated there 1 year which was SUPER fun, that’s where the pictures are from.