48 hours in London

A city Girl Story Travel Dairy.

Processed with VSCO with 5 presetI’ve made this trip to Cork to MN so many times I knew it was going to be a long and draining one so I decided to cut it down and stop in one of my favorite cities for 48 hours. London. I have been to London three times. My first time being there was 12 years old. Last time I was in London and not just in the airport was back in 2013 with my friends, and we were on a Harry Potter theme adventure. Last time I was in England was my Solo Holiday to Bristol.  London has always been one of those cities that I just fall into place there. I go there I seem to just remember everything about London; where everything is located, the tube, what to do, what train to take, EVERYTHING except for where to go out for food. But like Ireland, you can always find a pub with pub food and some drink.

48 hours in london city girl story travel daries

My first few hours in London I got myself to my friend’s house where I was crashing, she was in a little area off the Jubilee line, 20 mins into the main attraction of London. I quickly dropped my stuff off and met my cousin for food and a drink. We met up at Waterloo and found a popular pub with some classic fish and chips and some ciders. After that, we walked down to the river where we could see the London eye and grabbed a drink right before the popup bar was closing. I thought MN was hipster London is very hipstery; but not like wannabe it was a proper hipster. A pop-up bar right under a bridge with tables, graffiti art everywhere.  “You can always find something to do in London,” my cousin said, and even if London is BIG, you are always one person away from knowing something else.48 hours in London


The 2nd and an only full day I would have in London wasn’t as lucky as I thought since it was raining the whole day. But that is London for you it will rain and when it rains it rains. But you can’t let it ruin your day. And the one thing that was on my list when in London was Notting Hill. We went straight there hoping to beat the rain. THE STREET WAS PACKED, we were doing the tourist shuffle running into people who suddenly stop. It was a mess, my friend never saw it like this before. We finally found a breakfast place called Mikes-had some pancakes, took some pictures, looked around the market. And left. I saw it, not as I wish I saw it but given the weather, the number of people and my anxiety with people it was best to not stick around too much. I headed to Camden Town, and like Notting Hill it also was packed; I almost felt like putting an umbrella in the air to see who follows me. I found this cool little food market near this bridge that I walked around but didn’t stop since it was raining. Instead, I went across the street to a coffee shop to regroup.

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Later that night we headed to more center London to Soho for dinner, ate at a fancy pub the food was nice, not as elegant as it seems. Then we walked around to see a few sights because even if I saw them already before I still had to see Big Ben, walk over the bridge, see London Time square, go into some shops and ride the double-decker bus.

48 hours in London City Girl storyIf it’s your first time in London stay close to the river and near a tube; you really don’t need to be center unless you want the noise of London. The tube is easy and quick so if your along that you are fine. You most definitely have to see the sights and go into them not just stand outside of them like I do now. Go see Peter Pan statue, take in the rich history of London and if have time take the train somewhere outside of London esp. if you don’t think you will ever get a chance to come back.

My 48 hours in London was sweet, but I realize how much I love London; it could be the city I see myself when I imagine myself in a few years. You know a working woman wearing a black fitted jacket, pencil skirt, heels because I can walk in heels not just wedges, running across the street holding a coffee but it’s not actually coffee. That version of me might actually be in London.

Guess we have to wait and see.