What I brought in my Away Suitcase (plus review)

I bought myself an Away suitcase and took it on my trip to Ireland. If it wasn’t going to do well on this trip than it wasn’t going to work at all. Here is my review and what I bought.

I am an over packer, even if it’s night over somewhere, I will pack a lot. I wish I could be the girl who wears’s like 7 items for a week. On this trip I worked really hard because I had this fear I was going to go SHOPPING consider we don’t have Pennies, we don’t have a Topshop, no New Look, nothing good! Before packing for this trip, I was on a hunt for a new suitcase. The one I used has been my suitcase since high school and it had been through a lot, but I wanted something lightweight and new.  I wanted a hardshell, with two sides packing not just one. I wanted a TSA approved locked in the suitcase, something that I could carry on but also check. Would fit a few outfits plus all my other shit, bonus points for 360-degree wheels and a battery. And not over price. I found that in my Away suitcase-but there was a catch. It was trending. And you know me and trends.Away Suitcase carry on review

This suitcase has been making the round all over Instagram, a trendy thing but was it worth the hype? I began researching for suitcases that would fit my needs. Since I would be walking with this suitcase and packing over again wanted something that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. It wouldn’t take up a lot of room and easy to pack, close when you just through things in your bag. I chit-chatted with the Away people on twitter in my DMS and figured out they had a 100-day trial. Figured this would be the perfect time to try because if this suitcase did not do well for me on this trip than it wasn’t going to do well with me at ALL!

I don’t know what I love more the packaging or the suit case?

Away suitcase review is it worth the hypeIt came in the mail only 5 days after ordering it, and I was really impressed by the packaging. I am a sucker for some good, visual, graphic packaging! The box was small, and I began to fear if I got the right size and hoping everything I wanted to bring was fit.  I got this maroon color, the carry on size. Along with the suitcase came this laundry size bag that went over the suitcase for storage. Also a charger for the battery that can come out. Except the cord doesn’t fit in with anything else, so that is just an added thing to put in my bag. The little book of directions it came with was cute, and it might be my favorite thing. I tell you I love graphics! It came with a copy of their magazine which that was nice, still haven’t read it though.Away suitcase carry on size

The one thing that made me a little nervous that it looked like plastic and a little small. I got the carry on not the BIG carry on. But, I wanted to try to break my overpacking and pack exactly what I needed.

What fitted in this suitcase!

Their website really does an excellent job of telling you what can fit, how many outfits, the size and everything to help you figure out what size suitcase would suit you best. I personally never used a large suitcase for traveling only when I was moving and lugging things around. Traveling I wanted something smaller, simpler and magically fitted a lot of things.Carry on Away suitcase

I was gone for 10 days, of course, I packed the usual PJs, underwear, socks, three pairs of shoes were packed in my suitcase (prob didn’t need to bring the other heels), I had three bottoms all pants. Topshop jeans and one pair of H&M divided pants. Those pants are cool but super uncomfortable (the striped ones).  The key for packing for me is to have like a few bottoms, always bring an extra because I will spill, and just a bunch of tops. So that 7 items limit really is hard for me! All my tops were H&M, except for my going out top on Sunday and Saturday those were Topshop.  I bought 6 tops and wore probably 5 of them.

Everything fit in the bag which I was pleased, I did not check my bag until coming back and when I did it weighted 11 KGs which was AWESOME!

Away suitcase reivew on the carry on size

Final review

It worked out well, I didn’t know how well it would do on Ireland sidewalks since my shoes don’t even last after 6 months of walking on the sidewalk. I made a Pro-Con list to give you an idea of what I thought. Forgot to add about how the battery cords were extra to bring that is CON consider I already have enough wires. 

When I got home the question was, do I send it back? After 100 Days you can send it back, so I’d keep the box, no questions ask and money back! The bag cost 225. It was easy, had everything I wanted, the color was different. It had some scraps from its travel, but those came off, the wheels still seem in tack, and everything seemed okay. So after emptying it out, I stored it away putting over the little bag it came with for its next adventure!

Happy with my away suitcase!