City Girls Diary: What I got up to in Ireland

After a year of being away, I went back to the place I call home. This is what I got up to with an ending that might surprise you.

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Going back after a year I had a lot I wanted to do with a little amount of time to do it. Also wanted to see as many people as possible, it kind of was a shit time going since a few of my friends had finals, but people had to eat! I know a lot of people in Ireland, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to see EVERYONE, so I made it entirely clear that I wasn’t going to go out of my way to see or meet people.  Partly for my sanity but also it made sense.  Being gone for a really long time is always super weird, it’s probably much weirder coming back to Minnesota than going back to Ireland. Because nothing really changes, but life has moved on.  It’s weird, but it’s life; you can never expect time to stop after you left. And I really don’t the hard part is trying to find where you fit back into it all. It’s so easy for me to fall back into place in Ireland because I have a family there who are so loving and welcoming,  some great friends, and I am not from there thus I am used to trying to put myself in with people and stuff. My time there was short, full of anxiety, and really ended in a way I didn’t expect. I said, I had a lot I wanted to do, probably had a lot of hopes, and when your expectations are high, nothing ever goes to plan things can be a little disappointed.

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The first few days were a bit ALL over and fighting Jet Leg…

The first day I was all over the place. After Traveling, I got sick, naturally, but pushed through to meet one of my friends for dinner and then drinks after with my group of friends. The second day, I hang out with my friend around the city center before meeting my old roommate/friend for lunch at the Fran and then rushing to go get ready for Ed Sheeran. Now I’ve been to Ed in Ireland before it was FANTASTIC but this one is the first time someone this BIG to play in Cork it was a mess, the town was a mess, the concert was a mess- I have never seen Cork this messy.  Ed Sheeran was good, it probably was not the best thing for me to go to a concert the 2nd night after getting in- jet leg for me not only gets me tired but I have no control over my anxiety and my ability to look up and breath! But overall I had a good night, we went to Reardens, of course, and had a night of dancing before we went home and I could go to bed!Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I never knew how hard it was going to find food in Cork that wasn’t over price and not meat. Maybe its because I lived in Ireland and cooked for myself rather than going out.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetMy favorite part of this trip yet super nervous was happening on Monday driving to Gtown to see my family! I love Gtown it’s like my little escape right along the beach, I have a few hidden spots that I would go to just take a break from the world, get away from my phone and just listen to the waves crash. Gtown is a place where not a lot of tourist go it’s more of a local place. People come down from the city with their Holiday homes. The best part about this place is how I am welcome back with smiling faces, the local people haven’t forgotten about me, and they even wonder if I have just been in Cork and finally made it down.  Before leaving I stopped in the local pub to say hi to the bar tender-you can’t do that in stateside it takes years of drinking bartender tender to know your name in a bar!Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I spent my last night at my favorite bar in Cork, Reardens was that even a question, have you been reading my blog? Have you seen my instgram? I also wrote a short story placed in Reardens! I should have a drink named after me!! DREAMS. It was Thursday night so everyone I hope to see couldn’t see until later, but nothing goes to plan like how I wanted to do a proper photoshoot with my fancy camera in Reardens, but that didn’t happen either. So I left for London with no goodbye or photoshoot.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I always say you don’t get to say the goodbye you wish. It’s not poetic, but a lot of the time it’s been right. There is a lot that pulls me back to Ireland, littles and my home away from home, the social life, welcoming of strangers and always meeting people, the not so tall buildings, the views, ability to go on road trips and find some cool places with my adventure buddy! The rolling hills, the sheep. But there is a lot more in the world I want to see and do; so Ireland and I aren’t done I just have to make a few other stops before stopping over in Ireland if only CORK airport had direct flights to CHICAGO! But the backtracking is worth it to see little ❤  Or maybe little, and others will meet me in Italy, and we can have an Italy adventure!

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