A Typical Night Out in Cork

this post is a little mix of a get ready with me and top places to go out in Cork. 


The only place I probably will actually go out-out, have more than one drink, get dress upend the night in a club in Ireland. It is so much fun getting myself prepared for a night out,  it got me in the mood to go out, I felt good and was ready to take on the night. So here is my blog post on how to get yourself prepared to take on the night and also top places to go out in Cork!

Getting ready to go out

First things first before getting ready: PREP!

If you know you are going out always shower and put on your tan the night before. But if you haven’t you can be a rebel like me put on the tan a few hours before and let it set while getting ready! No one can tell! Always on a night out eat a good filling meal, my go-to is pasta!

After prepping it is time to put your rob on and get your face on! 


  1. Foundation.  I use to use two different colors to ‘contouring.’ Now with going cruelty-free and when I was in Ireland I used my bare minerals foundation which I am actually loving!!
  2. Concealer and prep the lips. Usually, during this time I quickly take my sugar Lush stuff for my lips to smooth them out and use my soap and glory plump. I then use my concealer, Collection, to do the typical spot cover-up and a little bit under the eye.
  3. Baking and Eyebrows.  I only bake my face when I am going out or want my make up to last all day. I usually do whatever loose powder I have. After I go for my favorite step, eyebrows! On a night out I use my Anastation Beverly Hills eyebrow pot paint.
  4. Eyeshadow. Sometimes I do this first, but if I don’t it is always as my face is baking! I am not good with eyeshadow, my eyes are too small to put as many colors on as those artist do-my favorite palette I use is the  Anastation Beverly Hills, Smoky Urban Decay palette, or the Tarte Pro Pallete.
  5. Put on the bronzer. For this bronzer step, I take the third color in the Anastation Beverly Hills contouring palette and make the E shape. I do this right before I brushed off the baking. After brushing off the baking, I take the 3rd color and bronze my face, neck, and chest.
  6. Lightening up under the eye, highlighter, and blush. Before I do this, I usually spray my face to put some moister on my face, after all, that powder.  I take a lighter concealer to go under my eye- I would do Collection or the Tart Sharp Tap (SUPER EXPENSIVE). I put blush from Nars on. My go-to highlighter is from Sleek, or Becca palate by Chrissy T.
  7. Lips.  I line my lips with Mac (Subculture) and lipstick and/or liquid lipstick-love my Tayra Burr Martha Moo. Put on my for Real mascara TRAVEL size (not cruelty-free but it is my fav, and I still have it, so I am going to use it).

And that is the makeup! Depending on how what time I need to get out of the house when I started this part can take an hour or 15 minutes. I once did it in 5 mints!

What to Wearwhat to wear on a night out.jpg

My closet is full of going out clothes, usually a crop top and some bottoms. Every once in awhile I go for a dress. When I had to pack my going out an outfit, and I couldn’t figure out what I would want to wear. I usually decide that day, and also I haven’t gone out in awhile I did not know what to wear- I was 26 now not 23, so I wanted to look 26. Below are some pictures of some of my go-to going out looks I have worn in the past.

A typical night out in Cork Top places to go out in Cork Ireland and get ready with me a night out.jpg

What I wore on my night out in Cork was a crop top from Top Shop, and black Jamie jeans-super tight and high waisted Jamie Jeans from Topshop. I wore heels. Now I never wore heels before going to Ireland, I bought heels hoping one day I will. And when I kept going out with girls wearing heels, six-inch heels, I felt left out I wanted to do what the Irish did so I bought some Steve Madden Wedges 6 inches and wore them out like crazy. This time I did my  New Look, lace-up heels-they killed my feet that night because my feet were hating me with all the walking I’ve done-but worth it!

That is my process of getting ready for a typical night out. Now where to go!?

Top places to go out in Cork

There are some good bars to go out to, but here are my choices of places to go to for a typical night out in Cork:

Top places to go out in Cork Ireland on a night out.jpg

Reardens Bar: SURPRISE? They have great music, live bands before DJ comes out, a mix of good people. The best part is if you’re in Reardens you can make your way upstairs to three different club areas; Hidden Attic, Havans, Secret Garden. Each is a little different with there own vibes.

Havans: is HUGE, I like it sometimes, but it can be packaged, and sometimes they have 2 DJs, and it just doesn’t work

Hidden Attic is like a living room club with sofas and tables all over the place.

Secret Garden is on the roof, it’s smoky, it can get VERY pack! But I’ve had some fun nights best bit it once I found these random paper meat around that turned out for a FREE drink. I found five! The bartender, she laughed at me and asked to want them all now. I ask if she would remember and she said yes.

Silly Goose: I do like this place it’s down from Reardens. It’s a small place, but good for a drink before heading to the club and if you’re lucky you can get a free pass into Tip Top.

Tip Top: Rooftop club. I have gone here three times, I like it, its fun, they play good music. They have some cool seating and if you want it better get there early. It can get a little pack, the girl’s bathroom is not big enough! That’s a downfall!


Mason: I went here for the first time when I was in town. Mason is super stylish, a massive table in the middle, bathrooms might be my favorite part of the place! And if you start your night out here, you can get into Tip Top Free!

Old Oak: Only a few times I been here because it is a way to far away for me to walk from where I live. If you’re from out of town you might like the Old Oak, the international club has there nights out there.

An Brog: “old shoe” it is more of a dive club/bar. I describe this place for punk, gothic, vibes. It is not my scene, but I’ve gone there with my friends-they have a photo booth that can be fun. And the drinks can be over price!


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And comment below with your favorite going out outfit!! Have you gone out to Cork? What place do you go out to and why? Like this post let me know!