Bad Dates Part 8: American guys vs. Irish guys

I am happy to say I have the pleasure of dating and interacting with both American (Minnesota) guys and Irish guys. I have decided to make a list of the differences between them, for fun. Guys if you read this, please don’t take offense of this. And girls each to their own, of course, cultural differences are a factor, and no ones perfect there are dicks everywhere.


American guys are way into American Football. I don’t know what guy doesn’t want to talk about the game. Irish guys talk about Galic Sports. They also have more interested in soccer (football) than most American guys. And either one of Irish or America guys who play a sport especially American Football and Hurling have that sports guy Quarterback attitude-they think their hot shit. STAY AWAY!

I’ve learned that guys that play soccer are the better guys unless they are super good than Quarterback attitude.


Both wear plaid, but American boys wear more of it- if you are every around me, you will know I’m not a fan.

American guys when there ‘out’ even at a bar will wear hats. Irish guys will care about their hair, I’ve had a few that got mad at me for messing up their hair.

American guys are big with socks and sandals.

Irish guys, they put effort into themselves a little bit better than American guys, especially when going out. In America when I got out, and a guy is wearing a shirt they cut off themselves, a sweatshirt and a hat I am like can you have tried?

interaction with girls

American guys can’t take when you joke back at them-biggest turn off- they can give it, but they can’t take it. Irish guys will joke right back at you, they are all about the ‘bants’ and having the craic.

Irish guys will approach a girl. American guys, they seem to only look at you. But we can all agree on, girls, that any guy has no clue what they’re doing, a lot of the time. I have had both American and Irish guys approach me in some weird, inappropriate way. However, I will say Irish guys are more confident and smoother when approaching a girl.

Both can over think and keep having “the talk” with you when you’re just seeing them

Both can have some nerve and touch a girl without asking, however, I feel maybe this is a Cork thing, Irish guys will step back and walk away when you tell them off ( a few times a guy hasn’t) where American guys will get defensive. Again, big turn off!

I think Irish guys seem to be more committed, maybe its the country guys, but when they are dating a girl they date the girl. American’s seem to scare off real easily real fast.

There seems to be no bro code in Ireland. I’ve had friends make it into a competition to get my number.


Irish guys love their friends, lad holiday days, lad gym session, lads are going out for a drink.

Driving. I have this theory that how you drive is exactly how you treat others. Irish guys seem to make better drivers and have to control over their car-maybe it’s the manual aspect?

Accents-listening to Irish guys talk is like the best thing ever.

Irish guys typically live at home until married. American guys will live in frat style homes until married.

There are a lot of differences between Americans (Minnesota) and Irish guys. It has a lot to do with their culture, how they grew up and lifestyle-there is a BIG difference in lifestyles in Irish compared to America.

If you want to know which one I am more attracted to it will have to be Irish.  A lot of aspects that I like in a guy I find it more in Irish guys. Partly because I am sarcastic, I will joke right back with someone, and I hate when a guy can’t take it. I also feel like Irish guys they aren’t as intimated by me when I say “I punch a guy in the balls once” they laugh and say what he do?

Have you dated a guy from a different country than where you are from do you see differences between guys from where you are from and where you live? Did I miss something about Irish or American guys? Let me know in the comments below!