Bad Dates Part 9: Boys you should drop in your mid 20s

 Talking about guys that we shouldn’t be giving attention to. 


I don’t know you but I have a list of guys, not names, but kind of guys that I am dropping now that I am in my mid-20s. Example? Keep reading.


The unsure guy

There have been guys I would hang out with almost every weekend, enjoy each other’s company and everything. But then after like a month, they have come to the conclusion they actually don’t like you or want to hang out with you. Those guys are the worst! And are really shit because they not only made you feel comfortable with having them around, they made you get used to talking to them, and ended it for no reason except for being such a p***y.

I have had two different guys tell me “I just don’t want to talk to you anymore” or “feel like talking” and I talk a lot! Not only is that the shittest thing to say to someone who talks a lot but it’s such an ass thing to do.

These guys who do things need to be honest, they need to be honest right from the start. And maybe they were. I’ve had a guy who I would always just end up hanging out with on a night out, it was a small place, and he would always keep telling me he didn’t want a relationship and I told him me either. But somehow my words seemed to go right through his tiny head. And if he was confused by my action well right back at him because he did grab me onto the dance floor.

In your mid-20s nearing 30 you don’t have for the guy who is unsure with you, who is on the edge of relationship but doesn’t want anything series. An indecisive guy isn’t worth your time.

 The fuck boys

Booty calls seem to never end but when you get older you kind of get sick of them. Because you are not 19 anymore, your pretty confident in yourself, you can do things without a man. So let’s drop the   guy that is using you and should 100% not bother even thinking about.

There is nothing to these guys, AT ALL. I am going to talk more about these kinds of boys in a different post but know don’t bother getting used to a guy who is using you.

Of course, you want to, and you want to use him too then go for it! There is no harm, and you know what you’re doing!

The guy who can’t handle you 

The Marilyn Monroe quote said it best “if you can’t handle me at my worst you do not deserve me at my best.” Let’s face it we are filled with emotions it’s how women are built. And if a guy tells me I’m too emotional when I am on my period, I will have it with him and if he gets mad well he has to go. You honestly do not want a guy who can’t understand you, be there when your at your worst, and let you be.

To be honest I have never had a guy who tried to change me or belittle me down. I have crossed paths with guys, I have gone on tinder dates with these guys and their was never a second because well if the guy couldn’t handle me talking a mile a minute he wouldn’t be able to keep up if we continued this.

There was one guy that actually could after something I text him telling him what happen and he told me I was fine and to fuck them really. I felt supported however he turned into the indecisive guy. That sucked!

Anyways, I was thinking how I told a guy how I don’t want marriage or I rather adopt he never said his opinion but is questions and comments made it seem he did not agree with me. Which is fine but that’s what you want now that your in your mid-20s a guy who is going to support, understand and be like “oh she’s just being her.”  Like I tell my friends I need a guy to cover my mouth before I have a chance to say anything that will be bad.


when you get older there are guys that you don’t have the effort or need for anymore. They were fun at the time but just like your closet the men you see has to change.