A City Girl Update: finally getting my life back

I haven’t done one of these updates in a while, the last one was in April, and a lot has happened since. If you are new here and haven’t been keeping up, I do these updates as a personal aspect to A City Girl story, a way to tell my story and share my story with little details as possible. 


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So here I am writing to you with some possibilities ahead of me. Since moving back, I was fighting with anxiety, wanting to be the woman I was (became) while in Ireland and trying not to fall back into girl on coach binge watching Gilmore Girls all the time.  While trying to find where this woman I became fits in the place I left, a place I grew up. Also with the stress of adulting, it all felt like a lot like Ikea directions. Not only that I went to school for what I wanted to do with my life and the struggle to find the job was making me doubt myself and really piss me off! Because I got a masters degree at one of the top Universities in Ireland and I have to work a part-time job in retail? Depression hit. After turning 26, I decided I was going to make 26 back to the woman I was because I definitely wasn’t her. And that’s when things began to turn around.

I am sure not feeling flirty and thriving, I still don’t think I am any closer to being back to who I was. But recently I finally am able to maybe get her back, I hope. After I got a full-time job in my last update I began to look for my own place.  YES! I finally got my own place! I am so excited because I feel like I can finally be myself, I can finally just be, blast my music, walk around with no pants on! Something even newer that I never got is I can finally decorate someplace that is me. I never got that in Ireland I always had to think about being “temporary.” What could I bring back? So I can finally settle and make a life somewhere!! Which is what I wanted.

It is a start of this new place, a new drive to work, and a new neighborhood. It’s not Cork, but maybe I will find my places, more of me in this place? Because after the year and a half I’ve had, May really wasn’t that great that I needed a change. I need a place to start fresh, meet people, find new places, able to walk and adventure around at night, etc. Also with my own place, I might have more focus to actually finish and do the thing I kept telling I would do; my visual project, take more artistic photos.

I am excited to be able to have my own place, create my own space, and settle in the way I want to settle


A Moment I was in…Free our Future March Minnesota .jpg

I don’t know how much you pay attention to what’s happening in the news, I try to stay on top of what’s happening as well as avoiding the nastiness because it’s too much. Recently I was sad, frustrated and wanted to scream at the lack of compassion some people have, calling and bullying children! Taking children away from their mother is wrong! I felt so heartbroken because it shouldn’t matter what your political party is treating people like this, children small little children is WRONG.

So I went to the March for Free Our Futur with the Women’s March. And I haven’t been to a march since the Women’s March in 2017. Just like then this was exactly I need to fill me up and give me hope. To provide me with the reminder that there are good people, people who do give a shit! There I was on the common green in MPLS marching down the streets with so many different people, hearing little kids yell, people holding up signs and seeing people look upon us waving, honking. It was wonderful, and all I hope is that we gave the people a voice and that we are heard!

It was such a great thing to be part of, I can tell my future kids that hey I was apart of something, I was there going against the bad, the wrong, the nasty. And stood for what’s right! What a great feeling!

Bring on July!

Bring on July new place, new hope, and exciting possibilities!

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