Friend Break ups

Friendships are hard, they’re harder than any other relationship. Thus, friendship breakups are even harder. We are going to talk about friendship breakups. Not the high school breakups we are talking the real friendships that either fade out or break. And how does one cope and is there hope to be friends again?

As you get older, you will have those friends that suddenly just faded out of your life. You remember the last time you talk to them, at the end of March. You remember the last time you saw them, October. Nothing went down, you both just kind of faded apart and no one has reached out. As we get older, I think we will have a lot more of this kind of friendship break up because priorities change, addresses change, you change. And that is the biggest thing with friendships the effort and priority you put in that friendship. If it changes than except your friendship to change. Friendships cannot be a halfway road, and sometimes they do fade off because either the one person who reached out more, moved away, got busy or got tired. And that is a kind of life.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for losing a friend this way, because you can always come back to be friends. You can always message them asking how they are, you can always like a photo, or text them saying hey “I will be in your city we should meet for coffee for a catch-up.” It is kind of up to you and how you feel. You might just feel like you had your time, you have your memories, you are not the same people you once were, and you might not be friends because of it. So you rather hold onto the memories, that is okay!


THE real Breakup

It’s like you lost the one person you always talked to, told everything to and suddenly you can’t.

When you get older, you never think a blow out would happen. But it happens so what do you do?

I honestly think friendship breakups are harder than any other break up. Because they were your friends! They were the person you hung out with, the person you trust, the person you text all the time, the person who knows you and you know them. And what makes it hard is that it’s not like you took her boyfriend because that isn’t what a friend does, and it isn’t like you didn’t understand or they didn’t understand you. No, it was hard core heartbreaking, isolation, words were said, flushing your friendship down the toilet break up- and you’re just like mad, sad, hurt, all the emotions! And you kind of wonder where you guys actually friends? But the worst part you miss them, and you want to text them. Because in your mind you were.

What do you do during a friendship break up in your adult life?

I don’t even know. Your friend is someone you talk to, sometimes all the time, someone you created memories with, inside jokes, you tell each other things, they know things about you, you know things about them. They’ve been there, you’ve been there, or maybe they hadn’t been there, and that’s the problem? Does that make it easier? Because suddenly their name is not on the top of your phone list. You want to cry every time you remember you can’t text the person. And you find yourself looking at their social wandering are they feeling the erage to talk to you too. Can you both just talk again and be friends again? It will be hard because you can apologize, but you can’t erase what happened??

Sometimes you can’t go back you can only go forward and most of time going forward you go without them

That’s the hard part figuring out how to go back to being friends after everything. Who makes the first move to mend the friendship, sometimes apologize even a second apologize needs to happen and sometimes the person needs to man up and admit what they did wrong or the other person has to swallow and make a move especially if they want to be friends again. Or it could be that you just can’t go back to being friends. If that’s the case and you can hold on the memories of what was just like with a relationship and keep living your life and realize who are the people who stuck around even after the worst times, who were the ones that understood, put the effort in. If that still that one person than message them because that person is worth being friends again!


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