Skin, skin care and the routine I do not do

Here is a topic I thought I never would write, my skin. 

In the mist of all these products that are being shared all over with sponsorship and videos on hauls, favorites  I thought that those products were what I needed. If I got the products they were using in the “get ready”  it would fix my skin, it would help my skin because I have no clue what works and there I was just sitting watch video, and suddenly I was good at doing my make up. So maybe I would be good at skin care.

Before spending money on all these products that I suddenly needed and to create a routine I researched. I googled things like “products for dry skin, for sensitive skin” “how to get rid of a cyst pimple” etc. And I again found myself in a pool of products.  I still was clueless, and I did not want to spend all that money on a product that would break out my skin!!

I have no clue what this ACID people keep talking about but I took chemistry that doesn’t sound good for your skin.

I’ve always been stress and uncomfortable when it comes to my skin. I was on proactive when I was in middle school and in high school. I don’t think it worked because I suddenly stopped or the price tag was too much. I am relatively lucky I know others have worst skin than me, I eat well. Mom always tells me to keep it simple and drink lots of water. But still I have those bumps and things on my skin, hurting like hell coming out of nowhere and its like COME ON feck off!

A city girl story body shop skin care blog post

Everyone’s skin is different, we are built differently so when someone says they have dry skin they might not have your kind of dry skin. Everyone gets pimples just like how everyone has hair under their armpits. It’s just how things go, we can not escape them. However, I still would like them off my face. I know I am not alone in this.

And maybe it wasn’t the products but how lazy I am with a routine.

I’ve always tried to create a routine. Even once taped a step by step I got off the web on my mirror to remind me to do this before bed or in the morning.  But then after a few days there, I was being lazy until bed and too tired to even bother washing my face. So I fall asleep.

Now I am rethinking my younger-self decisions. I notice my skin getting bad, under the skin things hurting and never seem to go away no matter how many hot wash clothes I put on it. Again, this is still a topic I get very uneasy to talk about because I don’t want people to start staring at my face, so that’s really all I am going to say. All I know is I am thinking about making the plunge to ask for a referral to see a skin expert. And I don’t want them to give me medication my skin is not that bad and really I rather keep it simple. And maybe that is what you need to do, what happened to soap and water then again little house on the prayer never used makeup.

The products I do use are a variety of different things from the Body shop to Target brand. I took pictures of all the products, so I didn’t have to list them.

A city girl story skin care products


No one’s skin is perfect, we are all flawed. We are everyday girls living our life, rushing out the door putting in dry shampoo because yes it been four days but like who has the time? And when you have the time umm Netflix sounds way better! My suggestion on taking care of your skin wash your face, drink lots of water and get some SUN!


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