Lookbook: I have become this woman I never saw coming

I am becoming a woman I never thought I’d be. I never knew who I’d become, however, I did think that I would have done what you were supposed to do.  As I grew up, going through high school, going to college, backpacking through Europe, and somewhere along the way I’ve become a different version of myself.  Suddenly, I had new goals and ambitions. I thought 30 would be the year I’d slow down, yet as I’m getting closer, I do not see that happening. I see myself getting closer to the woman I found.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetSomewhere along the way I’ve become a different version of myself.

I’ve always been a wild, talkative, headstrong, and kind person. Yet, I was probably too crazy for the boys. I’ve never felt that I was going to settle for any boy. Sometimes I felt the boys I thought were worth it, my passion and determination were too much for them. Younger self couldn’t handle her emotions or even know who she was, I thought I had to change to be like. At the same time, I knew who I wasn’t going to be. But somehow I found myself because these things happened. The girl who was picked on for talking too much now is a woman who has no fear of talking.  I have grown into my wildness, and I don’t see myself settling her down for anything or anyone who wouldn’t be able to keep up with this wild winged woman.

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When I set my mind to something there is no stopping me Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

This woman I am today I never saw her coming, but she’s here. I often wonder where she came from was she created by others or was she formed by me. She’s been through a lot, been broken but I am the one who put her back together. She is still flawed and a little unsure. I am still trying to figure out where can her imagination soar and where she can just be herself. I always thought she would be tall, but I am still only 5’4″. She’s still growing, I know this because I am not done becoming this woman I want to be. I hope she’s more confident and doesn’t second-guess herself, that she feels even more like a woman and good in her own skin. And that she will settle in her own time and in her own way.

These woman I become and we never saw coming were formed by what I’ve been through, where I’ve been, the people I’ve met have impacted me. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This woman I have become is a different version of myself that is a little unexpected, but  I love her.