Minnesota August Favorites

I’ve decided I want to do these monthly post of my favorite things during the month all related to Minnesota. Since I recently moved back to Minnesota and finally moved to the city I decided to make an effort and find places, things to do, what to see in my new city. Traveling around people would ask me what was in Minnesota and I had no clue what to say what’s to see and do in Minnesota except that there was no on tax on clothes? So it was time to find out, find my places in my new city and make a life here.

Here are my August Favorites

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  • Nina’s Cafe: Down in historical Cathedral Hill on one a hustling corner sits Nina’s cafe in one of the oldest buildings in Saint Paul, Blair Arcade building.  Nina’s is the perfect blend of old meets modern. You will get 1920’s vibes seeing the F. Scott’s house is around the corner on Summit Ave. There are softa’s to relax and read, tables to work at or chit-chat with your friends. They have food as well, but I am not a big lunch person, so I’ve only gone for the drinks. It’s not too overly price but seems these days coffee shops are raising rates. There is a friendly vibe, large windows that I like at Nina’s.
  • Summer Overlook Park: I had to google the name of the park, its right on the corner across from the country club on Summit Ave that I will never be able to go in. It’s quite, and not a lot of people sit in there. There is a beautiful view of the cliffs. I’ve gone here a few times to sit and write after being at Nina’s.
  • Tillie’s farmhouse: Right in my neighborhood so can easily walk there. You order, and they give you a number, and you choose where to sit. They have a list of sangria, and everything is farm-based food, which brings that small town feels into a big city.   I see myself coming over for early dinner and sitting on at there countertops with my iPad to write while I eat and drink sangria because I walked I’m not driving!   I am loving that places are giving that option of plugs and workstations. When I am living on my own it feels like the only way I go out is if I am with someone. It’s a lot easier to go to a public place by yourself if you have something to do, even bring a book! So a countertop with plugs is a nice feature!
  • Bad Weather Brewery: Down in Saint Paul is one I’ve been going a lot too, its now in my city and actually has the beer I do like. Problem with breweries they want to make it fancy and put stuff into it when I’m like just give me a beer. And this place does that, with the food truck and a lovely patio to sit for the next few months before it gets COLD. Bad Weather is on my list of places you can probably find me.

Tillies Saint Paul A city girl story favourite

Doing the research for these post will get me out and more aware of what Minnesota offers for those girls (and or guys) who don’t really bleed purple, like to get out and about, brunch is NOT your thing, but you love pancakes! Also, doing these I hope that the people I have connected with from all over the place will find an interest in Minnesota and maybe my friends will come to visit me?!